WordPress 3.3.2 is out

By Emil Protalinski | April 23, 2012, 8:52am PDT Summary: WordPress 3.3.2 is an update that all WordPress managers should install. It fixes a multitude of security vulnerabilities both in the main software and in external libraries for the blogging …Find out more from ZDNet (blog)

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WordPress Security Update Patches External Libraries, Several Vulnerabilities

By Lucian Constantin, IDG-News-Service:Romania-Bureau The WordPress development team released WordPress 3.3.2 on Friday in order to address several vulnerabilities in the popular blogging platform as well as in three external libraries that are bundled …Find out more from PCWorld

WordPress 3.3.2 Patches Security Flaws

By Jeff Goldman | April 23, 2012 Version 3.3.2 of WordPress was recently released, patching several vulnerabilities both in the platform itself and in external libraries. “The organization wouldn’t reveal how many vulnerabilities it fixed, …Find out more from eSecurity Planet

Where did Flashback start? Blame the blogosphere

Analysis of the Flashback infection by Kaspersky labs suggests that the malware started in compromised WordPress blogs, so instead of illicit or underground activity resulting in attacks, people have been infected by visiting legitimate Web sites …Find out more from CNET

Download WordPress 3.3.2

April 23, 2012, 12:58 PM — WordPress 3.3.2 has been released. Here’s what’s in it and how you can download it. 2. Here’s a list of what’s in this release of WordPress: Plupload (version 1.5.4), which WordPress uses for uploading media.Find out more from ITworld.com

Do we need WordPress for the enterprise?

His perspective: we’re still waiting for a breakout collaboration product, and it should look like “WordPress for the enterprise.” Of course, there is an enterprise version of WordPress, but assumedly that’s not what Morgan means.Find out more from GigaOM

WordPress used to create game publishing platform

You would be forgiven for thinking WordPress was just a tool for bloggers. For many this is as far as their use of the open source platform would go, but Dan Milward has taken the highly popular CMS and built a gaming system on top of it.Find out more from IDG News Service

Security firm identifies origins of ‘Flashback’ Mac virus

The “Flashback” virus discovered to have infected more than 600000 Mac computers earlier this month originated on a series of WordPress blogs, security experts have determined. According to Alexander Gostev, head of the global research and analysis …Find out more from BGR

Hacked WordPress websites spread Mac Flashback malware

The Flashback malware that infected at least 650000 Apple Macintosh computers was spread through hacked WordPress blogs, according to cybersecurity researchers. In March, security researchers noticed that around 30000 websites built on the WordPress …Find out more from SmartCompany.com.au

New ‘Flashback’ Variant Spotted in the Wild

In fact, the massive botnet attack relied on hacked and malware-rigged WordPress blog sites to spread and infect users, Kaspersky Lab researchers reported recently. Sophos Labs’s Chester Wisniewski said that as far as his researchers could tell, …Find out more from PC Magazine

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