Flashback Spread via Hijacked WordPress Blogs

By Fahmida Y. Rashid If you found Flashback on your Mac, chances are you were infected after visiting compromised WordPress Websites, according to the latest analysis from Kaspersky Lab. Flashback’s creators originally used social engineering …Find out more from PC Magazine

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As many as 100000 WordPress blogs infected 700000 Macs with malware

But as many as 100000 infected WordPress blogs, the majority in the United States, lay in wait for unpatched Macs or even a Flashfake variant that unleashes another outbreak. Like last year’s MacDefender outbreak, cybercriminals used tactics tried and …Find out more from BetaNews

Top 5 WordPress Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them

WordPress is a popular target for hackers, but there are steps you can take to make your installation more secure. By Aaron Weiss | April 20, 2012 Did you know that more than 73 million web sites in the world run on the WordPress publishing platform?Find out more from eSecurity Planet

Flashback Trojan spread by WordPress web sites

By Lee Bell COMPROMISED WordPress web sites have been sending visitors to malware hosts that infect Mac OS X systems with the Flashback Trojan, security outfit Kaspersky Lab has reported. Kaspersky said in a report that infected WordPress blog web …Find out more from Inquirer

WordPress 3.3.2 released

By Martin Lamont / 20 April 2012 / 0 comments SWFUpload, which WordPress previously used for uploading media, and may still be in use by plugins. SWFObject, which WordPress previously used to embed Flash content, and may still be in use by plugins and …Find out more from imediamonkey

Boot up: ISPs v piracy, will Windows Phone update?, how WordPress infected …

Around the end of February/early March 2012, tens of thousands of sites powered by WordPress were compromised. How this happened is unclear. The main theories are that bloggers were using vulnerable versions of WordPress or they had installed the …Find out more from The Guardian (blog)

Watching the Mac Flashback Trojan software die in slow motion

On Thursday, SecureList reported that hacked WordPress blogs were one of the primary ways the Trojan was spread. Users with unpatched Java installations visiting these sites were infected. (We’ve checked the WordPress blog system here at chron.com, …Find out more from Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

WordPress releases version 3.3.2 as a security update, fixes 11 vulnerabilities

WordPress has just released version 3.3.2, which is a security update that resolves a number of vulnerabilities found in previous releases. According to the announcement, three external libraries included in WordPress received security updates: …Find out more from The Next Web

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WordPress Security Release – Upgrade to 3.3.2 TODAY | Sucuri

Limited privilege escalation where a site administrator could deactivate network-wide plugins when running a WordPress network under particular circumstances, disclosed by Jon Cave of our WordPress core security team, and Adam …More By Dre Armeda

Simpatia Free WordPress Theme

Released: April 20, 2012 Current Version: 1.0 Changelog. For anyone looking to a General/Blog theme which can easily be translated from English, Simpatia is the best options on the market. Simpatia comes with an extensive .po file for easy …More By admin

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WordPress Security Release – Upgrade to 3.3.2 ASAP

WordPress 3.3.2 is available now and is a security update for all previous versions.More By Peter Abraham