Tweeting for justice: Why social media is the new face of feminism

In the “spectacular social media defeat” of Rush Limbaugh, are we seeing how God and justice can be connected in a wired world? In a way, yes. The new face of spiritual feminism and its justice-making ethos can be glimpsed in social media in action.Find out more from Washington Post (blog)

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5 Social Media Campaigns Rocking International Women’s Day

It has has evolved into a massive day of social media activism, with campaigns popping up throughout the social web. In many parts of the world, women are more likely to never receive an education, live in poverty and suffer gender-based discrimination …Find out more from Mashable

Social Media Puts Spotlight On Child Abuse

(more) Social media sites, including our WKRG Facebook page, have been inundated with the KONY 2012 campaign, but he isn’t running for president. “I think it’s a great campaign and it already has global support,” says University of South Alabama …Find out more from WKRG-TV

Kony 2012: Using social media to change the world

(Courtesy Invisible Children) WASHINGTON – A group of young filmmakers is hoping to “shape human history” by harnessing the power of social media. Since the organization Invisible Children uploaded “KONY 2012″ to YouTube on March 5, their video had …Find out more from WTOP

Social Media Plays Key Role in More Active International Women’s Day

By Brittany Smith , Christian Post Reporter Never in history has the world’s social ills and the campaigns against them been more exposed than now, thanks to the use of social media and celebrity and corporate endorsements, says the founder of …Find out more from Christian Post

KONY 2012: Social Media Wave

By Christen Lazarcheck The “Kony 2012″ campaign launched by Invisible Children is creating internet buzz, and also stirring up debate about the use of social media in human rights activism. Invisible Children recently released a viral 30-minute video …Find out more from Annenberg TV News

11m views in two days: a social media super power

That’s the viral success of Invisible Children, a US non-profit company that is running Kony2012, a social media campaign against Joseph Kony, the leader of African militia the Lord’s Resistance Army. Australian social media expert James Griffin said …Find out more from Brisbane Times

Red Cross Unveils Social Media Monitoring Operation

Digital Operations Center, backed by Dell technology, will track social media to help determine where to focus its disaster-relief efforts. By J. Nicholas Hoover InformationWeek In the early hours after the deadly tornadoes in the Midwest last week, …Find out more from InformationWeek

Kony 2012 Invisible Children Video: Can Social Media Do What Foreign Policy …

I will post about the details of what makes this video an important piece of content production later in the day, but the most immediate point is to marvel at how the initiative of one person, multiplied by collaborators and magnified by social media …Find out more from Forbes

RT for your biggest fan? For social media-savvy fans, retweet is new version …

“It’s almost like capturing a photo of yourself with that person,” said Chris Abraham, senior vice-president at Social Ally, a social media firm. “For a second there, you’ve breached their celebrity. They’ve actually allowed you to come over and take a …Find out more from Winnipeg Free Press

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