Super Bowl ads grab social-media buzz

By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY Super Bowl social-media buzz was as much about the commercials as the Big Game today. Chrysler’s ad featuring Clint Eastwood generated a lot of social-media buzz after the game. Chrysler’s ad featuring Clint Eastwood …Find out more from USA TODAY

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Social Media Takes in Super Bowl Ads

Social media was a major part in gauging the reactions of people to Super Bowl commercials this year. Emily Steele discusses the dramatic rise in social media’s involvement on Digits.Find out more from The Wall Street Journal Digital Network

Social media more addictive than cigarettes

Don’t get surprised, as a new study has found that checking email and social media is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. US researchers who carried out an experiment to test the will power of 205 people, aged 18 to 85, in the German city of …Find out more from Times of India

How Social Media Could Improve Public Safety

When it comes to public safety, forward-thinking government agencies are beginning to look at social media as a support tool for improved situational awareness. The very nature of social media’s open communication and crowdsourced information provides …Find out more from Mashable

Komen for the Cure Underestimated the Power of Women and Social Media

But the real story in this whole fiasco is one that most have missed — the role that women in online and social media had, and continue to have, in bringing attention to a story that Komen must have believed would go relatively unnoticed because the …Find out more from Huffington Post (blog)

Entrepreneurs Utilise Social Media to Increase Their Brand Awareness

According to research* by specialist business insurer Hiscox entrepreneurs that have incorporated social media into their business models claim they use it to not only to increase brand awareness (27%) and boost sales (15%) but to also improve their …Find out more from MarketWatch (press release)

A social media role in governing?

By Carter Eskew I wanted to step away from the immediate political wars — with congratulations nonetheless to Mitt Romney on his Nevada win — and take note of two recent social media uprisings that have implications for our politics.Find out more from Washington Post (blog)

Social Media Explained

Instead of me laying into a long and exhaustive article about the cross-cutting implications of social media, after spending an evening at a Super Bowl party, I thought this an excellent way of bringing it all together.Find out more from Forbes

SIGMA Marketing Launches Fast Forward Social Media

ROCHESTER, NY, Feb 06, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SIGMA Marketing Group, the customer intelligence-driven, direct and digital marketing services firm, today announced the launch of Fast Forward Social Media, an expert, streamlined assessment process to …Find out more from MarketWatch (press release)

Facebook IPO Drives Interest in Social Media ETF

Trading volume and assets in a small exchange traded fund that invests in social media stocks are ramping higher in the wake of Facebook filing to go public. Assets in the Global X Social Media Index ETF (NasdaqGM: SOCL) have jumped to $5.3 million …Find out more from ETF Trends

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Biggest, record-setting social media moments of the Super Bowl.More By Cory Bergman

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The growing importance of social media, coupled with the powerful wrath of Google, have shaken the once-hot world of cheap search-driven publishing. recently dumped its CEO.More By Mike Shields

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