Social Media Week: Business Metrics Take Spotlight

At the global social event that expanded to 21 cities this year, business metrics dominated discussion. Hot topic included analytics and internal social business tools. Social Media Week is a global event designed to shine a spotlight on emerging …Find out more from InformationWeek

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Herhold: Does social media always work for the good?

Nobody who followed the big banks’ aborted attempt to affix charges to debit cards could ignore the power of social media to force them to retreat. from social media. As Facebook’s critics have pointed out, (see, …Find out more from San Jose Mercury News

Social Media Analysis Predicts Big Romney Win on Super Tuesday

What surprised me is that traditional media is focusing on Rick Santorum, but he ranks no higher than third in our social analytic measurement,” says Gary Hermansen, the CEO of SocialMatica. SocialMatica’s data not only reveals how candidates will …Find out more from Chicago Tribune

How social media complicate SEC crackdown on insider trading (+video)

Social media services such as Facebook and Twitter pose special challenges for regulators working to halt insider trading, says Mary Schapiro of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). By Dave Cook, Staff writer / February 22, 2012 SEC Chairman, …Find out more from Christian Science Monitor

Benard Powers the “Social” in Social Media Week

NYC startup powers the “Social” in Social Media Week ending the week long event with big time buzz attracting more than 40000 attends and generating a wave of chatter both online and offline across 4 continents! Benard, a company innovating in social …Find out more from San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

Need Social Media Risk Management? SocialVolt’s New Channels Has the Power

As social media moves from a sideshow to a main event, the risks that business face expand exponentially. One facetious Facebook, a torrid tweet, loose lips on LinkedIn—any one of these can mean big trouble for brands that need to control their image …Find out more from Forbes

The side effects of social media

It can also affect students’ lives outside of school, taking away from their responsibilities and making them mentally absent at social events. Social media has even become an addiction for some students who cannot manage their real lives around their …Find out more from Prospectus

Swiss business jumps on social media wave.

by Ivan Turmo, Social-media for business is growing in popularity in Switzerland as firms race to get up their staff up to speed with tools like facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With the expansion of interactive Web 2.0 social media sites, …Find out more from

Self portrait, mixed (social) media

To cultivate connections – while juggling two formidable but quite different pursuits – the Fairmount resident uses social media sites. “I stay in touch with people on Facebook,” says Derfler, 30, who met his fiancee on out more from Philadelphia Inquirer

CEA Study Examines Social Media Influence on CE Purchase Decisions

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb 22, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Eighty-one percent of social media users are using online social networks to find information to aid consumer electronics (CE) purchasing decisions, according to a new study from the Consumer Electronics …Find out more from MarketWatch (press release)

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Alert: Social Media Is Eating Into Carrier Revenues, And It’s Only …

A separate report from mobile analytics firm Bytemobile has also charted huge growth in the use of social media on mobile — with operators getting virtually no benefit as a result. Bytemobile, using data it gathers from its tier-one carrier …More By Ingrid Lunden

Storify Launches an iPad App for Social Media Storytelling

Social media storytelling tool Storify finally untethered itself from the desktop on Wednesday with the launch of a free iPad app.More By Sarah Kessler

45 SEO and Social Media Tools #SESLondon

I really lucked out after moderating the morning session at SES London on Social Media Tools by joining the SEO Tools of the Trade session that followed.More By Lee Odden

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If you’re just getting started on social media, you’re in luck. Today, you have more social media options than ever before. The fact is, for most internet.More By Laura Spencer

Why Health Care Professionals Should Monitor Social Media …

social media monitoring in health care The healthcare industry is falling behind when it comes to adapting to social media technologies and strategies. Professionals have even estimated the gap to be as big as 10 years.More By atayraco

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