Social media statistics show growth for business

Wellington’s SocialeMedia, a division of E-Ideas Ltd lead by youth advocate Eva-Maria have released a special report on their Facebook Page that shows how Social Media is taking the world by storm, and how its reach won’t stop growing in 2012.Find out more from Voxy

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Social Media Are a Mighty Sword for Unhappy Consumers

Businesses are grappling with a new world, thanks to social media and increasingly popular review sites such as Yelp. The dynamic has even forced the traditional avenues of consumers’ complaints to lay it all out in the open.Find out more from

Why Social Media Does Not Work for Your Business

by staugnewswire | Print the article | First and foremost, I want you to notice that the title of this article is not: “Why Social Media Won’t Work for Your Business.” Social Media will work for any business that wishes to stand out in the marketplace.Find out more from Staugnews

New study finds social networking site profile pages can be an indicator of …

There’s a perception among job seekers that material posted on Facebook and other social networking sites can only hinder their chances of employment. A dumb comment that can never be erased. That photo of you — bleary-eyed — building a beeramid with …Find out more from Orlando Sentinel

3 accurate metrics for ROI on social media campaigns

20, 2012, 9:00am PT No Comments Businesses are struggling with how to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Currently, most companies are using a variety of metrics to measure diverse campaigns across multiple departments.Find out more from GigaOm

Social networking must move through space and time

The first is people – the classic social network of connections and recommendations that is as old as the very first human societies. Social media platforms have proved hugely effective in digitising these societal relationships, providing an effective …Find out more from The Guardian (blog)

Luxury Hotels & Social Media: Trump Hotel Collection

They are finding new, large and responsive audiences across the social web. No doubt, luxury travel’s latest destination is online. Yet who is leading the charge in this recent wave of innovative hotel social media strategies?Find out more from Business Insider

Social Media: Lawyers are your new best friends

How can organisations start helping employees understand what is acceptable or unacceptable social media use in the workplace? As social media is increasingly becoming a part of everyday work among business organisations, social media ethics and …Find out more from Computer Business Review

No workplace social media policy? You’re risking your business reputation

Bad employee behaviour on social media outside of work hours can be damaging to a business’ brand and reputation. Here’s why every business needs a workplace social media policy. A couple of months ago I wrote on how it was essential for all workplaces …Find out more from Dynamic Business

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Yes – Social Media Will Redefine Small Businesses | Social Media …

One of the fascinating things about change is that it rarely occurs in a linear motion. Things don’t remain static as change sweeps throughout the system; every single item touched by the transformation agent sets off on its own trajectory, itself …More By Edwin Huertas

Social Media Use At Work | Spin Sucks

There are three things you can do to encourage your team to use social media for work. Knowing what your vision is and defining the goals are first steps.More By Gini Dietrich

Sports & Social Media [infograpic]

An infographic discussing social media’s emergence in the sports’ world.More By Diego Martinez-Moncada

Medical Social Media Curation: Explained « ScienceRoll

Medical Social Media Curation: Explained February 20, 2012. Posted by Dr. Bertalan Meskó in Web 2.0, Webicina. … Medical Social Media… on Most comprehensive picture abo… Sudhansubarik on Facebook Tells Pharma Brands T…More By Dr. Bertalan Meskó

How to make social media stick | Entrepreneur | Financial Post

Savvy use of Facebook, Twitter and blogging is behind the success of Mabel’s Labels.More FP Top Stories List