Social media in spotlight on NFL draft night

Sam Decker (@samdecker), founder and CEO of the social media management firm Mass Relevance, sees plenty of benefits for someone like Joeckel to become an active participant in the Twitterverse. Among them are the ability to develop both a personal …Find out more from ESPN (blog)

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Business Networking With Social Media — Add Twitter, Facebook and Instagram …

Thankfully, we do not have to live in a less-connected world anymore due to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and even picture-based sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Connecting and networking are easier than ever before …Find out more from Huffington Post (blog)

Social media predicts the NFL draft – USA Today

Social media may be the key to predicting the NFL draft, according to online marketing company iProspect. The firm analyzed what people were saying on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other platforms about the 2012 draft, and found that six of the top t …Find out more from USA TODAY

Social networking sites play more prominent role in politics

In 2008, 26 percent of American adults used social networking sites of any kind. Four years later, 39 percent of Americans used social networking sites specifically for political activity, from following candidates, encouraging friends to vote or …Find out more from San Jose Mercury News

Sunil Tripathi Update: Outpouring of social media support for Brown Univ …

(CBS) – The same social media sites that just days ago carried accusations he was a suspect in the Boston bombings, lit up Thursday with outpourings of grief and support for the family of the 22-year-old Brown University student whose body was found in …Find out more from CBS News

Social media pick up on ‘Scandal’ –

It shows how social media have changed how we watch not just reality TV and presidential debates, but prime-time drama as well. After a two-week hiatus, Scandal will be back Thursday night, kicking off May sweeps. With just three more episodes left, …Find out more from

How can minors have agreement with social media sites, asks court

New Delhi, April 25 — The Delhi High Court Wednesday asked the central government to apprise it how children below 18 years of age can have an agreement with any social network site including Facebook. A division bench of Justice B.D. Ahmed and …Find out more from New York Daily News

BC Election: Social Media Standings #bcpoliPosted on Apr 25, 2013

A little over a week into British Columbia’s election campaign and a social media snapshot of the two leading contenders for the premier’s job shows they are running a tight battle to dominate social networks, with most of the online buzz either …Find out more from Vancouver Sun (blog)

Social media plays bigger, yet not game-changing role in political activity

The Pew Research Center’s latest report on Internet life showed that 39 percent of American adults took part in some political activity on a social networking service during the 2012 presidential election season, compared to 26 percent during the same …Find out more from San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

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Activism On Social Media – Business Insider

A Facebook like does not a social movement make. ;More By Heather Leonard

‘Cross-dressing’ criminal sentence in Iran sparks outrage, social …

‘Cross-dressing’ criminal sentence in Iran sparks outrage, social media campaign. Get short URL. Published time: April 25, 2013 08:05. Photos from Tweet · Share on Tumblr. Tags. Court, Crime, Human …More By RT

Hello Social Launches Social Media Marketing Platform and API

Hello Social, aimed at liberating social media data and enabling users to better engage their social media audience, just launched its company and an API to better incorporate its product offering into existing apps and workflows. Hello Social …More By Eric Carter

Foundations ask, how to measure social media’s contribution to …

As social media tools have become ubiquitous, foundations have used them in a variety of ways to expand their networks, gather insights and build new relationships. As a result, there’s a growing interest in developing better ways to measure …More Knight Foundation Main Feed

Sprokk mashes up the best of social media | Daily Trojan

Sprokk mashes up the best of social media. By Rini Sampath · Daily Trojan. Posted Yesterday at 9:51 pm in Lifestyle. Justin Casale-Savage and Tony Moras have the body language and easy laughter reminiscent of laid-back SoCal surfers, …More By rpflores

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Hoax tweet tests firms that filter social media for Wall Street – Yahoo …

From Yahoo! News: By Ryan Vlastelica NEW YORK (Reuters) – Firms that scour social media sites such as Twitter for information to help investors and traders …Read more here.