Social media: Future clients are to be found on the web

The social network take-up rate of the past few years has been urgent, with brands competing for the highest number of fans as a sign of their position in the industry hierarchy Much has been made of the value of social media to businesses but, …Find out more from Financial Times

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Get Kony goes viral: questions raised about charity’s social media blitz

It’s the social media campaign against a murderous rebel leader that’s caught the attention of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, and their hordes of young fans. But while millions around the world showed their support for the …Find out more from Sydney Morning Herald

Social media propels Kony 2012 social justice campaign

When Invisible Children wanted to get the message out about Kony through the video, they turned to social media and the campaign is working. Millions of voices are using social media platforms to educate their friends about Kony.Find out more from Medill Reports: Chicago

Social media campaign turns notorious warlord into household name

He begins by talking about the power of social media in connecting the masses, in showing us our humanity. In the film he talks of his beautiful boy Gavin, the life-changing experience of becoming a father, then about his trips to Africa in which he …Find out more from

Social media is key this International Women’s Day

British Prime Minister David Cameron marks the day with calls to eliminate violence against girls and women using social media initiatives to change and improve lives. Celebrity supporters for the day include singer-songwriter and We are Equals …Find out more from Workday Minnesota

Super Tuesday drew heavy comment on social media

The ten-state Republican Super Tuesday presidential contest generated more than 530000 comments on social media over 24 hours, far outpacing any other primary or caucus night so far. By BETH FOUHY Associated Press No comments have been posted to this …Find out more from The Seattle Times

Analysis shows Super Tuesday a hot topic on Twitter, Facebook, other social media

WASHINGTON — The ten-state Republican Super Tuesday presidential contest generated more than 530000 comments on social media over 24 hours, far outpacing any other primary or caucus night so far. The comments on Twitter, Facebook and other social …Find out more from Washington Post

Gresham woman banned from social networking after posting nude photo of …

She must avoid social media, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and MySpace, and is proscribed from photographing people without their explicit consent. There’s also a $500 fine to pay and one more consequence: Chao is required to write a 1000 word …Find out more from

Can social media help hunt down a Ugandan warlord?

“The people of the world see each other, and can protect each other,” said Russell, who argues that the grassroots organization has been supercharged by social media. “Arresting Joseph Kony will prove that the world we live in has new rules,” he said.Find out more from

Social media: ‘Use it but be ready to counter any crisis’

A REVIEW of social media in the Australian Defence Force has found no evidence that personnel use it to bring the military brand “into disrepute” or threaten operational security but it recommends an overhaul in the approach to new media.Find out more from The Australian

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Gidi traffic grabs social media award nomination

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