Social media, for better or worse, is changing the way recruiting game is played

Then Curry discovered that any one of his recruits could be reached at any time through social media. The next day, Curry had a Facebook page. Soon after that, a Twitter handle. “Those things have affected recruiting enormously,” said Curry, …Find out more from ESPN

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FBI to Build Social Network Spy App

The bureau said the system it wants must be able to automatically search “publicly available” material from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites for keywords of interest. FBI agents would be alerted if the searches come up with evidence of …Find out more from PCWorld

Social media renders authors more reachable

Having nearly 3000 people in his Facebook group called “Eddi Anter Kitapları (Books),” author Eddi Anter is probably one of the most active authors participating in social media. Anter is a Turkish-Lebanese author who has written three books: “Kumbara” …Find out more from Sunday’s Zaman

#TwitterBlackout feeds debate over social media censorship

A one-day boycott of the social-media service, or #TwitterBlackout, was called for today (January 28). Reporters Without Borders has even written to Twitter executive chair Jack Dorsey, expressing “deep concern” about the company’s “geolocated …Find out more from

Guest Column: When Social Media Can Be Your Enemy

What could possibly be wrong with social media? It’s fantastic! It’s modern, it’s engaging, it’s entertaining, and fun. We have progressed to the point where it almost seems odd to not be involved with social media in some form.Find out more from

Burlington’s Week in Social Media

By Richard Hosford Here at Burlington Patch, we take social media pretty seriously. The platform is one way we look to interact with you, answer your questions and get to see what’s on your mind. Social Media Saturday is a weekly feature where we …Find out more from

Engine Ready CEO to Speak on Social Media Marketing

Mr. Smith will be leading the session “PPC to Social Media Advertising” and will be discussing the most effective methods to set up Facebook and LinkedIn advertising accounts, optimizing paid search settings, and implementing the best practices for …Find out more from San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

Tweet lightly: How social media could someday affect your credit score …

The intention behind Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information—not just amongst individual users of things like social networking, but also amongst businesses, organizations, …Find out more from

Leadership Challenges Mount in the Unpredictable World of Social Media

Social networking and communications tools such as Facebook and Twitter are putting new pressures on business and government leaders. Technology and social media are significantly changing the way leaders in business and government make decisions, …Find out more from The Nation

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Social Media: The New American Brain Drain

But a second brain drain has now emerged, the Social Media Brain Drain. The recent procession of Princeton, Yale, and Harvard graduates to Silicon Valley was triggered by the rising cultural idolization of social media entrepreneurs and the …More By Allen Gannett

On Social Media | Inspired Magazine

I have very mixed feelings about social media. And that’s why it’s almost taken until now to really start to work with these tools in a business.More By Zach Katkin

Business And Social Media Leaders Tackle HIV In Babies

DAVOS, Switzerland — Business and social media leaders teamed up Friday to tackle the transmission of HIV from mothers to babies, saying the medicine and the money are largely in place, and with the right organizational skills they can …More By The Huffington Post News Editors