Social media analytics get easier to use

For the fast dwindling number of people not yet on Facebook and other social media sites, the amount of time those channels can chew up represents one deterrent for those not signing on. For businesses digesting the impact of Facebook, they have access …Find out more from Westfair Online

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Mourning Whitney: Social media magnify the grief process

Social media have magnified that grief by creating a space where people feel even closer to stars who may tweet daily while also providing a medium where fans can instantly and collectively mourn when someone well-known dies. “It makes us think that we …Find out more from USA TODAY

Bringing Social Media Over to the “Patch” Page

By Aja J. Junior ARCHIVE: If you’re interested in joining the social media conversation, check out, Courtesy Our Facebook and Twitter has been abuzz this week with conversation, and we owe a part of that to you all.Find out more from

Social media’s moment will pass – but when?

Today’s steam engines are social media. Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the only person to come up with the idea of an online social network; in fact, he wasn’t even the only Harvard student to think of it. But whereas Facebook is set to become one of the most …Find out more from New Scientist

IU’s Menczer to present latest work on tracking ideas in social media

Now the Truthy team has added new features for analyzing political social media that includes the capability for citizens to interact with the data and then explore the impact, partisanship and sentiment of the users involved in the diffusion of a meme …Find out more from Science Codex

Serious Facebook hack lands UK student in prison

February 17, 2012|Raphael Satter, AP A British student who stole sensitive information from Facebook’s internal network was sentenced to eight months in prison Friday in what prosecutors described as the most serious case of social media hacking ever …Find out more from

VIDEO: DHS Testimony on Social Networking and Media Monitoring

by Public Intelligence Complete video of the House Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence hearing on DHS monitoring of social networking and media. Video stream in .asx format requires Windows Media Player (poor sound …Find out more from Center for Research on Globalization

Jeremy Lin and the Power of Social Media

But the real reason that just about everyone in the world has now heard this guy’s name, despite the fact that his first game with the Knicks was less than two months ago, is that he has exploded on social media. He isn’t the first professional athlete …Find out more from Caribbean Media Vision

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Five Types of Social Media Influencers | Social Media Today

This post was originally written in French by Raymond Morin.What Makes A Good Influencer? “Influence” is a concept difficult to evaluate since it refers to both subjective and objective values, resulting in a measurement of:More By IanSmith

Social Media & Mobile Devices | UnderWorld Magazines

There are now over 50 popular apps for mobile devices that are designed to organize social media accounts or make it easy to view account information from a phone.More By John Lewis

Prison » Why The Rush For Feds to Monitor Social Media?

17 Responses to “Why The Rush For Feds to Monitor Social Media?” the sage says: February 18, 2012 at 6:09 am. If there were ever a potential candidate to finger at the prisonplanet-infowars establishment as being an SIS intelligence …More By admin

FBI Latest Government Agency to Target Social Media

FBI Latest Government Agency to Target Social Media.More By Corbett

BrainBlog: Social Media as Science Facilitator

Social Media as Science Facilitator. A good read from the Dana Foundation Blog: Social Media as Science Facilitator Dana Foundation Blog 17 February 2012. Social media creates a new culture surrounding science. Read the blog post …More By Anthony Risser