Social media acts as megaphone and sword in CTU strike

As the Chicago Teachers Union strike drags closer to the one-week mark, it’s clear the CPS and CTU have more differences than just at the negotiating table. Take, for instance, how each organization has utilized social media throughout this process …Find out more from WBEZ (blog)

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Social media: Sports DMs gone wrong

The Kansas City Chiefs were caught up in a social media controversy this week after someone with access to the account fired off a direct message attacking a fan who posted a tweet criticizing the team. Travis Wright was told to “get his facts straight …Find out more from ESPN (blog)

Small businesses love to flirt with social media

If I had a dime for every survey that measured the activity level of small business owners in social media, I’d be a millionaire. Or at the very least, close. The frustrating part about the survey process is that most come to different conclusions …Find out more from (blog)

Apple, social-media shares shine on tech stocks

A rally in social-media stocks also went into full swing, as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock gained 6.2% to close at $22, while Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) added 10.7% to close at $5.27. Shares of LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) rose 3.2% to close at $123.23, while …Find out more from MarketWatch

Better Social Media Engagement Tops Marketers’ Wish List

While some may scoff at the notion that increasing revenue should always be the top priority, many will see the forest through the trees and realize that better customer engagement via social media will lead to increased revenue when done correctly of …Find out more from Forbes

Webb stays positive via social media

J’Marcus Webb didn’t shy away from his social media routine Friday despite a disappointing performance and controversial run-in with Jay Cutler during Thursday’s loss in Green Bay. Webb, who is an avid tweeter, put the following statement on his …Find out more from ESPN (blog)

WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media

Catch up on tablets and e-readers in the latest episode of Freshwire’s “60 Seconds of Social Media” below. Plus, we’ll introduce you to an Icelandic company that wants to clean up your cloud storage. Did you see last week’s episode on social media and …Find out more from Huffington Post

What You Can Learn from Celebrities About Social Media

In the time it takes to say “verified,” a celebrity can get millions of followers on social media without putting in much effort. But, even though their fame hooks a lot of followers, business owners can learn from celebrities when it comes to managing …Find out more from Entrepreneur (blog)

Libya consulate attack and the power of social media

( In the hands of terrorists, freedom fighters, employees, technologists, or security managers, social media has the power to shape our existence. Ignoring it doesn’t change that fact. In the hands of terrorists, freedom fighters …Find out more from SecurityInfoWatch (blog)

What Triggers Universities’ Emergency Social Media Response Systems?

“Today, our social media coordinator literally had a seat at the table with our university officials as they were figuring out what was going on,” Susswein said. “So, when the time was appropriate, we got the messages out immediately, across all …Find out more from Mashable

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A Social Media Reminder from Tony Hawk | Social Media Today

Like a lot of you reading this post, I follow brands, athletes and celebrities on social media. I pay attention to tweets, Facebook status updates and Instagram posts. I occasionally comment, retweet or repost on Instagram, and I like statuses that …More By stephenapp

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In-your-face marketing on Facebook just doesn’t fly in Web 2.0. Here’s how to give your business’ social media efforts a subtler appeal.More By Jacob Harper

iPhone 5 Gets More Positive Reaction on Twitter Than 4S

Nearly 40% of tweets posted about the iPhone 5 from the day it was announced until Friday morning were positive, according to data provided to Mashable from the social media research firm Crimson Hexagon. Most of the other tweets were …More By Seth Fiegerman

Social Media Basics for Educators | The New Media Consortium

Our Horizon Project research, along with plenty of firsthand experience, has proven that social media is not just a fad. The education world is only beginning to harness its full potential. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, …More By SamanthaAdams

“Social Media Hub” Reluctantly Gives up on Twitter

Twimbow is a web application that enables social media users to organize their interaction with friends online, using colors. It gives people a creative way of filtering groups of users, catching important tweets and distinguishing different types …More By Candice McMillan

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