Social Media: 4 Strategies for Growing Your Online Network

According to Pam Dryer in her article “How Women Use Social Media,” 53 percent of American women regularly use social media. 75 percent of them use it to connect with friends and family, 57 percent use it for fun and entertainment, and 52 percent use …Find out more from Huffington Post (blog)

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Social Media’s Intense Power Play In “The Hunger Games”

Social media is the unspoken tribute for whom the odds are ever in favor for and without its reach, the games would surely fizzle. Or at least not carry some of the panache that the following successful Hunger Games themed social media sites did and …Find out more from Forbes

Social network passwords sought from job seekers

But just because it’s social media doesn’t mean they can access it,” he said. For more on this issue, including its effect on your behavior if you’re hired, watch the video in the player above.Find out more from CBS News

LAUSD Social Media Policy Means Educators Could Be Disciplined For …

By Simone Wilson A new policy bulletin out of Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters tells teachers — and any other adult associated with the district — that they’d better keep their social-media persona in check. Actually, the new policy …Find out more from Huffington Post

Proposed laws would forbid employers from asking for job seekers’ social media …

In their efforts to vet applicants, some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person’s social networking profiles and instead asking to log in as the user to have a look around. “It’s akin to requiring someone’s house …Find out more from Fox News

Social Media’s Role in Police Investigations Is Growing

By Roger Yu Law-enforcement agencies are turning to social media sites to dig up clues left by criminals and victims and victims in targeted investigations. But the issue of properly handling social-media content is also igniting heated debates about …Find out more from Sci-Tech Today

The Myth of Social Media Tactics Versus the Reality of Social Business Strategies

That any business with a Facebook page or Twitter account is considered “social”; that hiring a social media person constitutes a social “presence”; that implementing an intranet transforms the organization into a “collaborative” enterprise.Find out more from Forbes

5 Tips to Leverage Social Media to Get a Job

Gen Y and college students are constantly told the downside of having a social media presence, but they should also keep in mind how their social media addiction (er, presence) can be turned into an asset. Having recently hired for entry-level …Find out more from Huffington Post

Social media means changes in agricultural world

With instant uploads, lightning-fast tweets and the ability to get information out quicker than a phone call, social media sites have changed the way people communicate. And it doesn’t stop at city limits. That advancing technology means just as many …Find out more from Victoria Advocate

Was Analytics Google’s REAL Social Media Missing Link?

We all like to debate the merits of Google’s social media efforts. It makes for some spirited back and forth but the truth is that Google is not a social media giant today and may never be. With today’s announcement of social media integration into …Find out more from Marketing Pilgrim

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Public Engagement Through Social Media | The White House

Administrator Martha Johnson reflects on the use of social media at the White House Community Partnership Summit in Columbus, Ohio.More By Martha Johnson

Social Media Still Fuels Small Business

Social media is still vital to small businesses. Even companies we might not at first think of as candidates for social media marketing can use social.More By Small Business News

New Site Turns Friends’ Social Media Posts Into a Personalized …

A new site called Tripbirds turns friends’ Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook posts into a travel guidebook.More By Sarah Kessler

Skeletal Social Media | Irregular Times

It has been said that Twitter is full of zombies. The professional lives of social media consultants are dead, according to some sources. Social media reported the death of Whitney Houston 27 minutes before traditional journalists did, giving …More By Peregrin Wood

How to Change the World: Free social-media webinar with Mari …

Mari Smith and I are going to have a rocking time explaining the seven hottest social-media business trends in a FREE webinar. Sign up here:More By GuyKawasaki

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