Putting Social Media Data in Perspective

While marketers have always recognized the importance of understanding the consumer, social media has given rise to a whole new era of ‘digital eavesdropping,’ opening up new ways for brands to listen to customers’ online conversations, opinions and …Find out more from Huffington Post

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Social media analysis: Health care remains No. 1 topic ahead of Obama …

For this report, NBCPolitics.com analyzed 3.46 million social media posts using ForSight, a data platform developed by Crimson Hexagon Inc., which many research and business organizations have adopted to gauge public opinion in new media. More social …Find out more from NBCNews.com

Social Media and the Presidential Debates

But don’t simply use social networks to take the temperature of particular topics, so to speak. Integrate them fully in the debate platform. Social media will be to this election what television was to the 1960 victory of John Kennedy, and what radio …Find out more from Huffington Post

Social media drove The Weather Channel to begin naming winter storms

In the modern social media world things are going to get tagged and we need a hashtag for events. This prompted us to look hard it at through the winter last year, and ask can we do this? If we don’t do this, we decided, somebody is going to do this …Find out more from Houston Chronicle (blog)

NYPD Tracking Gang Crime Via Social Media

Loading… Published on Oct 2, 2012 by AssociatedPress. The NYPD will be doubling the size of its gang unit to combat a surge in social media-fueled violence. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly unveiled the plan Tuesday at a law enforcement conference …Find out more from The Associated Press

FBI using social media to look for Mass. terrorism suspect

Though they won’t comment on the timing, Wednesday, the FBI launched a social media campaign and put up a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of Abousamra. The 31-year-old computer programmer and UMass Boston graduate was …Find out more from NECN

Researchers try to track drug reactions using social media

He says using data from social media could help modernize drug surveillance and have major public health, safety and business impacts. Funded by a $130,000 grant through the National Science Foundation’s Smart Health and Wellbeing program, the …Find out more from Fox News

Debate Moderators Largely Bypass Social Media In Preparing Questions

Lehrer has not used social media to crowd source questions before Wednesday’s debate, but during a recent radio appearance he said he would welcome suggestions, according to a PBS spokeswoman. The spokeswoman added that the network “collected …Find out more from Huffington Post

Latin America’s Growing Social Network

In 2000 only 8 million Latin Americans were active online. Today that number has ballooned to 129 million regular users—more than a 1000 percent increase—with almost all (127 million) signing in to their social media accounts at least once a month.Find out more from Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Social Media Adding To The Debate

Television has dominated the presidential debates for more than 50 years, dating to the famous Kennedy-Nixon debates. But now, political junkies don’t need to wait 60 or 90 minutes to hear the analysis from the designated campaign commentators in the …Find out more from Hartford Courant

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For Social Media Buy-in, Lead with the “Why” – Amy Jo Martin …

In social media, I’m not sure we’ve done a good job yet leading with the why when trying to get executive buy-in. You don’t have to look further than their behavior to see it. CEOs don’t think twice about hopping on the corporate jet to New York …More By Amy Jo Martin

[Infographic] Welcome To The, Um, Second Social Media Election

The 2012 U.S. presidential election isn’t the nation’s first social media election. This time around, though, the contest is shaping up to be a newsfeeding frenzy.More By Ted Greenwald

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Universities and social media: Academics need to be bold in our use …

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