Police step up social media efforts amid confusing law

The analysts at the city’s Real Time Crime Center found the footage on a Facebook page while using the popular social-media site to investigate another crime. The suspects were eventually arrested. “We were looking at friends and friends of friends of …Find out more from USA TODAY

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Trayvon Martin is the latest social media tragedy

CHICAGO, March 18, 2012—Trayvon Martin is at the eye of the latest internet social media storm. Martin is dead, killed by George Zimmerman, and the social media mobs are howling for Zimmerman’s head. The power and speed of social media are amplifying …Find out more from Washington Times

Hearst Company, LocalEdge, Increases Social Media Power with Content from …

Social media just got a lot more powerful for thousands of small to mid-sized business customers of LocalEdge, a Hearst Media Services Company, thanks to one Texas company. A new service from Media Distribution Solutions called BetterSocial™ provides …Find out more from Albany Times Union

Enter the social media space – at your peril

DESPITE ITS inherent benefits, many companies have learned the hard way that social media can be bad for business if approached badly. Fast-food giant McDonald’s is an internationally recognised master of marketing, however, its recent social-media …Find out more from Irish Times

Lawmakers increasing use of social media

Most other lawmakers don’t use social media to explain every vote but do use it to explain votes on issues important to them, even if those aren’t the same issues that are important to voters. A few lawmakers have Flikr accounts with photos.Find out more from Ithaca Journal

Corbett’s comments cause a storm in social media

Corbett stepped into a nationwide controversy – and, in the process, got a lesson in social media. By week’s end, his comments were generating headlines from coast to coast and the video had gone viral. It played over and over on local and national …Find out more from Philadelphia Inquirer

Facebook: The encyclopedia of beauty?

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus have used social media to send positive messages about body image. One day last year, Amanda Coleman decided to quit Facebook. It wasn’t one precipitating event that led her to her decision, but a slow build — a series of …Find out more from CNN

How To Work With A Recruiter To Find Social Media Talent

Social media has become a hot new job opportunity in the past few years and companies are snatching up the social media pros left and right. Brand managers, community managers, social media strategists, content creators — the social media job titles …Find out more from Mashable

Social networking growth ‘beginning to plateau’

by Alvin Chong SINGAPORE – If you thought interest in social networks will continue to grow, you would be wrong – growth in social networking is beginning to plateau, according to a new report. Marketing group UM Singapore unveiled its findings on …Find out more from TODAYonline

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