Physical Media, Meet Social Media. Fireworks.

I hadn’t had the chance yet to post the car on the obligatory online sites or social networks. I simply had one note from a stranger asking if I wanted to sell. So, of course, I turned to social media next posting the note on Instagram, Facebook and …Find out more from Huffington Post

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Lawmakers Grill DHS Over Social Network Monitoring

EPIC sued DHS in December over the issue, resulting in the release of a 285-page document that revealed an $11 million contract with General Dynamic “to engage in monitoring of social networks and media organizations and to prepare summary reports for …Find out more from PC Magazine

Jeremy Lin, Social Media and a New Place to Whine?

It’s the grand old magazine’s way of joining the conversation around “Lin Mania” in the wild west of the social media terrain. Oh, the drama of it! While Jeremy has no doubt drawn some attention because of his Asian ethnicity far beyond the court, …Find out more from Huffington Post (blog)

Social media ‘growing up’ in the UK

Fresh research from YouGov’s Media Consulting team reveals that though uptake and usage of social media services remains very high, the restless British public are now demanding more from these kinds of services. In fact, two in five (41%) of the UK …Find out more from HEXUS

Live discussion: how to use social media in housing

Social media can be used to reach and influence large groups of people, boost tenant engagement and provide a platform for sharing best practice among staff. Yet a poll of Guardian housing network members has revealed the vast majority do not think the …Find out more from The Guardian

UNH to Host Social Media and Journalism Forum

The Social Media Club of NH event on Feb. 28 will show how social media is changing the way the world gets its news. The Social Media Club of NH will host a social media and journalism forum at the University of New Hampshire on Feb.Find out more from

Social Media Marketing: What it is and What it is Not

There are two unarguable facts about social media marketing (SMM). The first is, it’s hot. You can’t avoid it, whether it’s continuous articles in print or on the Internet, or hearing about it from friends or colleagues who are deeply engaged in …Find out more from PCBDesign007

Grilling Social Media Companies

By Dave Sterman NEW YORK (StreetAuthority) — The social media freshmen are entering their sophomore year. LinkedIn(LNKD), Groupon(GRPN) and Zynga(ZNGA) have shaken off the post-IPO jitters, so now investors have the clearest picture yet of how large …Find out more from

Social media users “demanding more”

UK consumers are starting to demand more from their social media services, above and beyond simply “being social”, according to a new report from market research firm YouGov. The study adds that uptake and usage of social media services does remain …Find out more from IPTV News

Social media acumen helps Planned Parenthood garner $3 million in three days

Three days later, faced with a continuous barrage of criticism across multiple social media channels, Komen founder and CEO Nancy G. Brinker announced the foundation had reversed its decision and would restore funding for all existing grants. On Feb.Find out more from Westfair Online

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The History Of Social Media (1978-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC] – AllTwitter

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Lawmakers to Homeland Security: Social Media Monitoring is a Threat

A congressional subcommittee pressed the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday about its plan to monitor social medial.More By Alex Fitzpatrick

Social Media, Choice, and the Quest for Action Streams | Social …

Whilst there are around four-five major social networks that most people belong to right now – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Myspace – there are always more start-ups raising their hands and doing something innovative as a …More By Alex Smith

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (02/16/12) | Social Media Club

Social Media Club Chicago (IL) The Future of Community Management with CM’s from Walgreens, Eventbrite, Edelman Chicago and our very own CM, Jessica Murray on February 23rd. Check out our global events calendar to see some of …More By SMCReporter

Is Your School Ready To Use Social Media In A Crisis? | Social …

crisis-communications-in-schools A study released this week found that only 20 percent of independent K-12 schools require trainin.More By SchneiderB