On-message with social media? Good luck with that

A tweet from this reporter about Romney’s nonresponse was re-tweeted by other media outlets and within seconds it had entered the social media bloodstream. Before long, the news (or lack thereof) was picked up by the left-leaning Web sites Huffington …Find out more from CNN

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Social media abuzz with versions of Friday mayhem

The social media has reacted sharply to Friday’s ugly incidents at the City Civil Court Complex, with most users describing the lawyers’ assault on journalists and policemen as “shameful”, but a handful of others have defended the black coats and said …Find out more from Deccan Herald

Airlines need to empower social media managers

The blogger, who did not wish to be named, cited this example to explain how people employed to monitor social networking websites in the Indian aviation sector, particularly in airlines, have a scripted job. “If I was working with the airline, …Find out more from Hindustan Times

OMG: Social media helped spread word of tornadoes

As tornadoes tore through Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee Friday afternoon, social media sites were buzzing with information. Photos and videos of tornadoes and hail storms began popping up on Facebook pages shortly after the storms faded, …Find out more from Louisville Courier-Journal

Yelp leaps as social media frenzy trumps long-term concerns

The stock jumped 64 percent in its first day of trading Friday, a reflection of investor enthusiasm for social media ahead of what is expected to be Facebook Inc.’s mammoth IPO later this year. “This is a hot space,” said Josef Schuster, founder of IPO …Find out more from Minneapolis Star Tribune

Social Media Saturday: Mass Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Courtesy of Mass Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Social Media is important here at Patch. Every day, we use Twitter and Facebook to share stories and important facts about life in Arlington. But the most important part is interacting with the Arlington community, …Find out more from Patch.com

“Social media needs to be carefully watched by those in government”: Former …

Blair noted that social media and technology have played major roles in recent uprisings in Arab countries, but noted that they cannot take the place of a democratic government. “Social media is a wonderful way of bringing people out on the street, …Find out more from The San Francisco Appeal

Social Media Darlings

“A lot of the topics that we normally cover like fashion or architecture are exciting and visually invigorating but they’re not really life-changing like social media is,” said Dan Peres, the publication’s longtime editor. “I’m getting geekier and …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

Social media helps parents cope with child care crisis

As parents scramble to find solutions to keep their kids occupied and cared for during next week’s teachers’ strike, they have a formidable tool in social networking. Worried about what she’d do with two young boys while she and her husband worked full …Find out more from Vancouver Sun

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