Obama slow jam on ‘Fallon’ just a taste of ‘epic’ social media war ahead

President Obama’s slow jam on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ shows how candidates will try to become part of clips that will be passed around on social media. A huge social media effort by MoveOn.org also shows how Election 2012 may play out online.Find out more from Christian Science Monitor

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Social Media Strategies: Applications in Service Station Retail and Commercial …

Social media is increasingly being considered as an additional marketing channel by fuel retailers and B2B fuel card issuers alike. This report examines the drivers behind social media, outlines key considerations and provides a wealth of case studies …Find out more from MarketWatch (press release)

New York Times Launches Social Media Ad Program

By Keach Hagey News media outlets are increasingly realizing that online readers are finding their websites’ content through people sharing stories on social media. Finding a way to sell advertising against those readers has been a challenge.Find out more from Wall Street Journal (blog)

5 social media moves you can make in an hour

•Bake a pie •Watch an episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ •Do 5 simple yet important things to improve your social media (while eating pie). That last one seems like it would take a lot longer than an hour, but most of the apprehension over digging into social …Find out more from Chicago Tribune

Social Media 1, Indian Government 0

The futility of the Indian government’s attempts to control what is posted on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites was thrown into high relief this week, after a video purportedly showing Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singvi having sex in …Find out more from New York Times (blog)

Social Media Focus of Conference

Although there are Tri-State residents tweeting and Facebooking on a regular basis, Jenny Holmes thought a little more exposure to social media might encourage more use. Holmes decided to bring enlightenment about social media to the area; …Find out more from HispanicBusiness.com

Which Social Network Makes The Most Business Sense?

I thought the cartoon, by Rob Cottingham, nailed a problem that many organizations are facing today: With so many social networking platforms out there, and with new “it” platforms changing the landscape at a dizzying pace, where should you dedicate …Find out more from InformationWeek

Fashion Design Competition: New Social Networking Site Inspirare.com to Launch …

Inspirare, a new social networking fashion site, recently announced a competition that gives the winner a chance to kick-start their career by relieving them of the financial burden associated with the production, promotion and sale of their design.Find out more from San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

Social Media: For the lonely or engaged?

I made a commitment a few years back to jump on board, and to fully engage as much as possible with social media. How can you not want to partake in such a transformational shift in human history? Egyptians believed that the body was the link to a …Find out more from Stark Insider

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10 Sassy Brands on Social Media

Brands are showing more personality as the web becomes more social. Here are 10 hilarious brands killing it right now.More By Christine Erickson

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I spent some quality time recently with a report from Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang: A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation. Like everything that comes off his desk, it’s smart and well-researched. What’s more, it’s a recipe for bringing …More By mlazen

Five Roles of a Social Media Strategist | Social Media Today

Wanted: Professional yet personable risk taker with a knack for engaging with strangers and the ability to ooze charisma and charm via the written word while adhering to brand guidelines. Strong communicator, adept analyst, skilled promoter …More By Bryan Kramer

Will Social Media Re-Invigorate Moviegoing?: CinemaCon …

The most important technology change for theater owners has nothing to do with the quality of picture and sound. Their businesses will be far more affected.More By DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor

Business Matters: Social Media Isn’t All That But You Still Want It …

Social media is becoming ubiquitous, but its value may be vastly overhyped; but even though you can’t easily measure social media’s impact, you probably…More By Glenn Peoples, Nashville

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