Muslims use social media, positive campaigns to counter anti-Islam messages

Suburban Muslims are using social media and other positive campaigns to counter anti-Islam messages in the wake of global protests — some violent — over a controversial video about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, and anti-Muslim posters plastered in New …Find out more from Chicago Daily Herald

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California schools, employers banned from social media snooping

SACRAMENTO (Reuters) – Californians who use social media like Twitter and Facebook have a little more privacy protection from employers or universities who may want access to usernames or passwords after the governor signed two bills into law on …Find out more from Reuters

Social media have big debate plans

But just about every social media outlet is planning to play newfangled supporting roles. An unlikely triumvirate — Yahoo, AOL and YouTube — is working with the Commission on Presidential Debates to launch “The Voice Of,” depots on each service for …Find out more from Politico

Social Media As LA’s Cause Celebre

Networks are part of daily life, and in a larger sense they’ve become business tools — marketing vehicles for celebrities, artists, musicians, writers, legacy media brands, and global social causes. Perhaps in the greatest example of what social media …Find out more from Forbes

Social media as job recruitment tool, up in 2012

With the growth of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as lesser-known sites — Upspring, PerfectBusiness and Cofoundr — professional networking with the use of social media as a recruitment tool is becoming more prominent.Find out more from Deseret News

Pew: Internet, social media threaten TV

A new survey from Pew Research confirms what you’ve long known: Americans are increasingly getting their news from the Internet and social media. But while the rise of new media has dealt an irreparable blow to print and radio, it has not damaged the …Find out more from Politico (blog)

The ROI of Social Media for Direct Sales

Of all the training and support direct sales companies provide, helping new (and even experienced) consultants understand how to leverage social media platforms can give a direct sales company a high ROI. Social media is an ideal additional to the …Find out more from Business Insider

Social Media Campaign Calls Out Presidential Candidates’ Silence On Global …

A new campaign is using social media to protest, “climate silence” and demand climate change be a center issue during this year’s US presidential election. The campaign, which launched today, includes, a website with a petition …Find out more from Ecosystem Marketplace

Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream CEO Matt Schaeffer Sparks Social Media Firestorm …

An innocent inquiry into the cookies-and-cream turned into a total social media meltdown for one small Montana company on Thursday. Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream in Livingston, Mont., was blazed with Internet flames after its CEO posted a Facebook response to …Find out more from Huffington Post

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Employers Banned From Asking For Social Media Passwords In …

A newly signed California law forbids employers and universities from asking employees and applicants for their social media passwords. The law was hastily developed in response to a string of reports last spring of employers coercing …More By Gregory Ferenstein

Daily Report: A Look at Some Social Media Winners –

In recent years, the Web has blossomed into a more egalitarian version of “American Idol,” where nobodies compete for attention alongside somebodies on social media sites, Steven Leckart reports in Thursday’s New York Times. Read more.More By By THE NEW YORK TIMES

The 30 Biggest Social Media Advertisers Of 2012 – Business Insider

Today, at Business Insider’s Social Media ROI conference in New York, we’ll tell you just how much advertiser money is pouring into social media, and which advertisers are making it pay off in sales. But to set the tone, it’s worth knowing who …More By Jim Edwards

California Governor Signs Law Protecting Social Media Privacy

People in the state of California can rest easy tonight knowing that this morning, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that protects university officials and employers from requiring applicants to give up their email and social media …More By Ken Yeung

Social Media Intelligence Brief: September 27 2012 | Social Media …

Business Insider is announcing the “30 Biggest Social Media Advertisers” today at the Social Media ROI Conference in New York City.More By Steve Momorella

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Infographics are not a Social Media Strategy: The need for social …

It’s not every day that I focus on social media tactics. However, I’m sharing this post to address a growing concern among social media and digital strategists and …Read more here.