Marines seek DOD guidance on social media use

AP file A Marine Corps administrative board said Thursday that Marine Sgt. Gary Stein violated the military’s social media policy when he posted comments and images against the president on Facebook. On Friday, Marine Corps officials asked for …Find out more from

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After disasters, social media help find lost pets

“Social media can really function as such an effective means after this kind of disaster.” Mathewson got involved after the deadly wildfires last year that destroyed more than 1600 homes in Bastrop, a town near Austin. She said information about lost …Find out more from Chicago Sun-Times

Make Social Networks Work for Your Start-Up

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN When Maxine Gardner started an online business selling original artwork in 2010, she says she felt compelled to immediately dive into social networking to promote it. She had just completed several workshops on entrepreneurship …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

Marines Seek Social Media Guidance Following Anti-Obama Post

Vaughn Ary, staff judge advocate to the commandant, is asking the Pentagon to incorporate social-media guidelines into its policy covering political activity in uniform. Ary’s call for review was spelled out in a letter he sent to Rep.Find out more from WFMY News 2

Marines seek guidance on social media after anti-Obama posts

Duncan Hunter (R-Calif), shown here, recommending to provide “guidance on how to use social media in a responsible manner.” By Carolyn Kaster, AP Maj. Gen. Vaughn Ary sent a letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif), shown here, recommending to provide …Find out more from USA TODAY

After disasters, social media helps find lost pets

JAMIE STENGLE, AP This April 3, 2012 photo provided by Trent Welch was posted on various social media sites after Welch and his family members found brindle boxer Oscar following a tornado in Forney, Texas. Juan Ventura Jr. held out little hope he …Find out more from Houston Chronicle

Warning, Executives: Avoid Social Media at Your Peril

The main place I see this lately is in the realm of social media. For my daughter, and my assistant, and other people I know in their 20s and 30s, using social media is part of their native language. They built websites in college (or even high school) …Find out more from Forbes

Social media as a strategy

Norman, the president of consulting firm Dale Carnegie Training in the northern Midwest, believes technology, especially social media, can be used to build strong connections and inspire collaboration across teams. Technology also can be used to …Find out more from Minneapolis Star Tribune

Social Media Attract Women Voters

(FOX News) – With women making up about 58 percent of social media users, sites like Twitter and Facebook may be important tools for winning female votes this year. “Women dominate the use of social media,” said James Andrews, a social media …Find out more from MyFox Washington DC

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