LinkedIn, Social-Media Winner, Swings to Profit

LinkedIn shares are up in late trading, after the social-media world’s only shining star produced quarterly results that were far ahead of Street estimates. LinkedIn reported third-quarter earnings of $2.3 million, or 2 cents a share (22 cents, non …Find out more from Wall Street Journal (blog)

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In Crisis, Public Officials Embrace Social Media

But he and his staff recognize that social media “is a highly effective method of communicating information in a time of crisis,” said Joshua Vlasto, Mr. Cuomo’s deputy communications director. The governor’s followers have increased to 50,000 from 20 …Find out more from New York Times

Hurricane Sandy Drives Social Media Revenue

MINYANVILLE ORIGINAL As one might expect, the blackouts and infrastructure damage caused by Hurricane Sandy are costing media outlets and communication companies millions of dollars in lost revenue. According to an article by Media Post News, the …Find out more from

Why You Need a Social Media Policy, Even If You’re @HubSpot (or @WGAins)

The discussions about social media policies moved from the “nice-to-have” guidelines to the necessary legalistic, corporate documents a few years ago. Most companies who engage in social media now have some type of policy outlining guidelines and …Find out more from Huffington Post

Social Media Lessons: The Women Behind Curiosity Rover’s Tweets12:57 PM ET

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratorykeeps news and social media manager Veronica McGregor and social media specialists Courtney O’Connor and Stephanie L. Smith busy, running the social media accounts and public affairs for more than 20 flying missions.Find out more from

Social media narrative suggests a Romney victory

Social media is now being recognized as the voice of the people. While polls are inherently unreliable because they are tuned and skewed and ‘balanced’, social media tracks voice of ‘the people speaking’ rather than taking pseudo-random measurements …Find out more from The Hill (blog)

Treat social media as a shop window for employers, but be careful

Hiring practices within many modern organisations today are placing greater emphasis on the social networking presence of candidates. This tactic may be used to uncover potential indiscretions, or an attempt to assess the true ‘value’ of the candidate.Find out more from BBC News

Social media links to gaming probed

A tender released by the Victorian government for a social media investigation said it would examine ”how industry promotes gambling opportunities using social media, who is being targeted and how access is provided to the gambling product”.Find out more from The Age

SF, Mountain View Among Police Who Rely on Social Media

With the rise of popularity in Facebook, Twitter and all-thing-digital, police agencies – especially those located in the heart of tech-friendly Silicon Valley – are turning to social media to help them solve crimes. There are plenty of examples. But …Find out more from NBC Bay Area

Social media and the US election

Both campaigns have leapt feet-first into social media as they try to eke out every vote in what is shaping up to be an exceptionally close election. The polls over the past few months have been volatile, with both candidates paying the price of their …Find out more from New Zealand Listener

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Using Social Media To Tell The Army Story

This Army Live Blog post was submitted by Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, Commander…More By Brittany Brown

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How Presidential Elections Made Social Media Marketing Banal. by Dorie Clark | 3:01 PM November 1, 2012. Comments. As we approach the final days of the U.S. presidential campaign, all the media attention shifts to the ground game: how …More By Dorie Clark

Send Social Media Updates Through Your Jeans – PSFK

Italian brand Replay has introduced ‘Social Denim’, with a vinyl pocket and bluetooth transmitter that instantly shares your mood or location.More PSFK » Fashion

Tracking Hurricane Sandy via Social Media Data

Twitter Where were you when Hurricane Sandy hit, and what were you doing? If you’re like many other ProgrammableWeb readers, you weren’t watching news reports on TV–you were using social media to keep tabs on your friends and …More By Curtis C. Chen

Driving Revenue with Social Media: The Importance of Social …

The proliferation of social media It’s no secret that if you’re reading this post, your life, as well as the lives of those around you, has likely been.More By Errol Apostolopoulos

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NASA Hosts DC Social Media Event With Station Astronaut Joe Acaba

NASA invites its social media followers to a special event with astronaut Joe Acaba from 9 -11:30 a.m. EST Tuesday, Dec. 4. The event will take place in the …Read more here.

Social Media Management During Hurricane Sandy – HootSuite …

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