Job Applicant Privacy And Social Media

As we enter into a brand new financial year, there appears to be little chance of stopping the unprecedented growth of social media. By the close of 2011, Facebook had amassed 845 million active users worldwide, which showed a significant increase of …Find out more from San Francisco Chronicle

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Maryland bill bans employers from asking for Facebook, social media passwords

Maryland has become the first state to pass a bill banning employers from asking employees for social media passwords and login information. “In a nutshell, it protects employees and employers,” Bradley Shear, a Maryland social media lawyer, …Find out more from New York Daily News

Social Media Agency Room 214 Outlines Emerging Trends in New Social Quarterly …

BOULDER, Colo., April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Social media agency Room 214 today announced the availability of its new quarterly Social Media Trend Report, which provides in-depth analysis of emerging social media practices that are shaping …Find out more from MarketWatch (press release)

How to Use Social Media for Social Change

Social media is the perfect tool for mobilizing your friends and colleagues to take action on a cause you care about — sending a letter to a legislator, signing up to attend a rally, or spreading the word through their own social channels.Find out more from Huffington Post (blog)

China’s Social Media Reacts Over Growing Political Scandal

China’s social media lit up with reactions, with netizens helping each other figure out what was going on. One prominent blogger and journalist, Michael Anti, noticed something strange about how state-run media were referring to Bo’s wife in the …Find out more from PRI’s The World

Social media startup Vsnap launches mobile app

By Michael B. Farrell, Globe Staff Boston online video start-up Vsnap is the latest entrant into the crowded app marketplace. The young company, which has created a simple platform for sharing videos of 60 seconds or less, said Wednesday that its …Find out more from

Social media and the Trayvon Martin case

In a matter of weeks, the story of Trayvon Martin fueled largely by social media tweets and Facebook posts has produced nationwide protests, forced a police chief to resign in disgrace, attracted the attention of the President and forced authorities in …Find out more from Gateway

Maryland becomes first state to ban employers from asking for social media …

By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun Moving to the forefront of social media privacy law nationwide, the Maryland General Assembly has passed legislation prohibiting employers in the state from asking current and prospective employees for their user …Find out more from Hartford Courant

Landfall, VMG team in social media effort

Marx has contracted Darien-based VMG Media to create and implement his company’s social media marketing initiatives. A Navy veteran who served aboard submarines, Marx is no stranger to e-commerce, jumping into the technology in 1997.Find out more from Ct Post

Weplay, Social Media Network for Youth Sports, Launches Mobile App Just in …

LOS ANGELES, CA, Apr 11, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Weplay, the fastest-growing social media network for coaches, parents and players of youth sports with over 50000 participating teams nationwide and 1.5 million families who depend on the network …Find out more from MarketWatch (press release)

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The Social Media Alphabet | Social Media Today

There was a time when the phonetic alphabet (Cfr. Wikipedia) was used to spell out letters. Remember the “T for Tango” or “C for Charlie”.But today we live and work in a world with a whole new generational language and fairly soon there will …More By Mic Adam

Two Old Ladies Now Running Social Media for Kraft Mac & Cheese …

Old people are funny. They don’t understand what’s going on! This is an advertising truism going back to Clara Peller and beyond.More By Tim Nudd

How to Cause Panic: Television, Social Media and Emergency …

CBS “Sunday Morning” (best news show on television) produced “Casting a Skeptical Eye” on April 1, 2012 stating, “No fooling – it’s April 1st, which means we should be extra skeptical about everything today.More By LenSipes

Managing SEO and Social Media Together – Ecademy

How etailers manage their social media marketing channel has a growing impact on organic search results. Google and Bing have both incorporated social data into their algorithms to signal content freshness and quality. While the datasets …More Ecademy: user blogs