How the Middle East uses social media, in four charts

During the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011, social media was celebrated as a tool for political discourse and democracy building in the Middle East. Nearly two years later, a new report from the Pew Research Center suggests that faith wasn’t misplaced …Find out more from Washington Post (blog)

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These CPS guidelines make the law around social media vastly more clear

“Every day many millions of communications are sent via social media and the application of section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 to any that are grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or …Find out more from The Guardian (blog)

5 Steps for a Better Social Media Strategy | The Biz Bite: A Blog to Boost …

Everyone knows the benefits of social media tools: they’re free of cost, easy to use and powerful marketing communication tools, giving us the potential to instantly reach millions of people with our marketing messages. But how do we exploit all of …Find out more from Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

Inside view on creating a good social media post

(Reuters) – A few rules of thumb for financial advisers on social media: get personal, like mentioning your daughter’s big soccer win, include pictures in your content whenever possible and don’t bother posting on Mondays. This is what experts at the …Find out more from Reuters

The broadcast-ification of social media

Today, it looks more like a broadcast medium than a distributed social network. Large groups of users (consumers, really) follow a small number of very large brands. Some of those brands are people (Bieber) and some of those brands are publishers …Find out more from Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

Turnpike Authority plans social media campaign to help teach roadway safety

State highway officials will use social media to educate young drivers on safety, under a campaign scheduled to begin early next year. Officials of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority said at their regular meeting today that starting in January they …Find out more from The Star-Ledger –

Is Iran’s Supreme Leader on Facebook?

In the wake of the 2009 “green” protests that followed the disputed Iranian presidential election, Khamenei banned Facebook and other social-media websites. It’s unclear if this means Khamenei is softening his stance on social media. Perhaps we won’t …Find out more from Slate Magazine (blog)

How Social Media, Mobile Are Playing a Bigger Part in Healthcare

A study compiled by Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group shows that more than 90% of people ages 18-24 said they would trust health information they found on social media channels. One in two adults use their smartphone to look-up health …Find out more from Mashable

Social media pressure gets to Instagram and Netflix

CLEVELAND – When are companies going to learn the power of social media? People now use Twitter and Facebook to complain about their problems and get action on them. They also use social media to vent their opinion about new policies and …Find out more from

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Social Media Morning Report | Social Media Today

National Geographic announced on Dec. 18 that it was suspending its posts to Instagram until presented with updated terms of service. @NatGeo is one of Instagram’s most popular accounts with 638629 followers. “We are very concerned …More By Sierra Bellows

How Nonprofits Used Social Media To Increase Giving In 2012 …

For nonprofits that used social media this year, likes and retweets translated into much more than popularity, they meant racking up more dollars and cents. MDG Advertising analyzed the social media trends of nonprofits in 2012 and found …More By The Huffington Post News Editors

Preparing for the New LinkedIn Design – Social Media Examiner

Here’s how to optimize your Linkedin presence to best take advantage of the new LinkedIn Profiles and new features on the LinkedIn Company Pages.More By Kristi Hines

Obama lied: Analysis of social media in Libya on day of Benghazi …

“Analysis of social media in Libya finds no reference to anti-Islam film on day of attack,” by Catherine Herridge for, December 18: As the State Department began Tuesday to circulate a highly anticipated report into what …More By Pamela Geller

2013 1H Conferences in Social Media, BI, Big Data, and Sentiment …

As a sometime conference organizer, I need to track events that will compete for the attention of my target audience. The competition consists of conferences internationally, or focused conferences in or near the New York region …More By SethGrimes