Crystal, social media fuel Oscar ratings

By Rick Kissell The uptick in viewership for the Academy Awards this year can likely be traced to two factors: the rise of social media and the return of Billy Crystal. Despite the lack of a blockbuster-film nominee to lure the masses, ABC’s Oscarcast …Find out more from Variety

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School uses social media to muzzle critics

A Kentucky university is aggressively fighting parody and criticism of school officials and policies on Twitter and other social media sites, which advocates and students say is an attempt to silence any negative comments. Western Kentucky University’s …Find out more from

How The SEC Regulates Social Media

The rise of social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, offer up new challenges to these regulations. No longer is information a passive, one-way trip from company to investor. Rather, it is interactive and shared with many interested parties.Find out more from San Francisco Chronicle

Social media becomes critical for airlines

Most co-flyers, recalls Swamy, openly shared their frustrations and woes on the social network of their choice. “I did a quick location-based check of tweets generated due to delay of the flight at the Delhi airport and it was clear that several …Find out more from Business Standard

Devumi Announces $17 Social Media Marketing Packages

Devumi is now offering it’s Social Media Marketing Packages for as low as $17. Strengthen your Social Media presence and influence with real, guaranteed Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and YouTube Views. Devumi, a Social Media Marketing company, …Find out more from San Antonio Express

Using Social Media to Enhance Your Practice

Not only have we changed how we interact with our friends thanks to e-mail and texting, but the biggest change has come from the invention of social media. In just a few years since its inception, social media has become a landing place for online …Find out more from Dynamic Chiropractic

Top 14 Government Social Media Initiatives

J. Nicholas Hoover 02/27/2012 Government agencies are embracing social media, using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to inform and interact with the public. Take a look at the best examples of social networking in government.Find out more from InformationWeek

Digital Spring – MENA governments must speak the language of social media

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has successfully joined the social media revolution. With a cohort of young adults who are both multilingual and technology-savvy, the region has seen a significant rise in social media applications and …Find out more from AME Info

Other Ky. public schools lack social media rules for students

Both UK and U of L do have social media guidelines that advise students, faculty and staff to think before they post, not to say anything they wouldn’t say in public and to avoid using university trademarks, logos or images without prior approval.Find out more from College Heights Herald

Oscars 2012: A hit in social media

Although the 84th Annual Academy Awards came across decidedly old school in its television broadcast, the event delivered high marks in new media. Sunday’s Oscar ceremony generated 3.8 million comments on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, …Find out more from Los Angeles Times

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Social Media Privacy [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Just as CAN-SPAM forever changed the email marketing industry, we’re due for some hefty regulation to be applied in the social media and mobile marketing space. While I’m not sure that the industry is in a sad state as the infographic below …More By DouglasKarr

Social Media Pruning is on the Rise

Do you prune? Personally or professionally? According to new numbers from Pew Research, social media pruning is on the rise …More By Cynthia Boris

Social Media: Karma or Carney-Barking? | Social Media Today

I saw an advertisement this week for a course called: “Social Media and online marketing for businesses taster course – for business owners looking to make the most of the internet!” Who should attend? According to the ad: “Any business …More By jenniferosbon

If WoW is social media, what function do guilds serve?

Cynwise at Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual wrote a post last month about the fact that World of Warcraft is a form of social media. There’s no denying that fact: The entire MMORPG genre is based on the idea that you are playing a game with other …More By (Josh Myers)

Change Your Culture to Invite Social Media Use | Spin Sucks

It’s one thing to allow people to use sociale media at work, but something entirely different to change your culture so everyone uses it for communication.More By Gini Dietrich

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