Better Leadership Through Social Media

Social media have only made that problem more acute. While blogging, Twitter and Facebook have brought new opportunities for conversation, knowledge gathering and relationship building, those opportunities may feel more daunting than dazzling to …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

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Social Networking Heads to the Office

New social-networking applications aimed at the workplace borrow from Facebook in that they enable workers to set up profiles, form groups and “follow” each other’s status updates. But the purpose isn’t just social connection; rather, it is to increase …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

Social Media: Is It Too Feminine?

A handful of entrepreneurs are banking on that disparity as they try to create a new kind of social media for males. “Social networks are built on sharing – and that’s a feminine model,” says Phil Mark, cofounder of an eight-month-old start-up called …Find out more from ABC News

China starts curb of social media

BEIJING — China started a sweeping crackdown of its vibrant social-networking media over the weekend, detaining six people, closing 16 websites and shutting off the comment function for two gigantic microblog services. The campaign, which was …Find out more from Albany Times Union

LaMar Search Turns to Social Media for Global Help

The KlassKids Foundation is asking participants of a vigil for a Morgan Hill girl who has been missing for weeks to post her picture on their social media profiles for a day. If you have any information about Sierra LaMar please call 408-808-4500 after …Find out more from NBC Bay Area

Government plans increased email and social network surveillance

Ministers are to introduce a new law allowing police and security services to extend their monitoring of the public’s email and social media communications, the Home Office has confirmed. It is expected that the new system will allow security officials …Find out more from The Guardian

Fallout from tweet in Alberta election points to perils of social media

If the dangers of mixing politics with social media weren’t already apparent, the fallout from a tweet sent by a Conservative staffer in Alberta should serve as a warning sign to political strategists. Premier Alison Redford saw her campaign …Find out more from Hamilton Spectator

Social media site Yammer welcomed by Australian business

FAR from being a time-wasting distraction, one social network site is being embraced by thousands of Australian businesses as a vital communication tool. Dedicated business networking site Yammer brought its global roadshow to Australia for the first …Find out more from Herald Sun

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Social Media Friends: 50 Tips to Rock Social Love & Advocacy …

You know the old saying “be a friend, to get a friend.” Social media creates amazing opportunities to connect with real people. It doesn’t have to be a fake world as some assume. I have personally met people on the social streams who I am …More By PamMoore

HootSuite Social Media Management » HootSuite Acquires Termtter

SysAdmins and CIOs will rejoice with HootSuite Command Line’s immediate release. However, brand new social media users are of particular importance to Termtter Chief Engineer Ujihisa Tatsuhiro, the creator of HootSuite Command Line.More By chris.trottier

16 Social Media Mistakes You’re Making

“What are the biggest mistakes that you find small business leaders make when using social media?” Marvin Powell, a Small Business Growth Consultant in Washington DC, posted that question on LinkedIn and 97 people responded.More By Alyson Shontell

Guide to Social Media, Wall Street Edition | The Big Picture

Yesterday when we left off, I was interviewed for an article in the NY Times where Fay DeBellis of Morgan Stanley was being highlighted as a pioneer among.More By Guest Author

Social Media Ethics: Why You Should Have a Policy | Social Media …

As we all know too well, most interactions and communication is done online using a wide variety of social networks.More By streamcreative

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