Advisers benefit from “listening” on social media

NEW YORK (Reuters) – When many financial advisers ask their firms about fully engaging in social media, the answer is usually still a resolute “no” – to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, blogging and just about anything else. Only a few …Find out more from Reuters

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Did you give up social media for Lent?

Every year between Ash Wednesday and Easter, many Christians embark on a 40-day fast to give up worldly indulgences, such as meat, smoking and even social media. Did you vow to break your social media addiction for Lent? Are you abstaining from …Find out more from Washington Post

Your Social Media Reputation Can Attract Employees

Want to hire great employees and keep them happy? Make sure you have a good social media reputation. That’s the surprising message of a new survey by staffing services firm Spherion, which looked at high-achieving “emergent” professionals, who are …Find out more from TIME

Social Media: Inside the UFC, Dana White

“A chef [Anthony Bourdain] tweeted about the fight tonight,” White said, discussing how the UFC looks to engage with both fans and high-profile personalities on social media. “Things like this pop up. He’s got 1.5 million followers. “Holy [expletive …Find out more from ESPN (blog)

The great escape… from social media

Today the search for an American couple feared missing was concluded when they presented themselves at a Peruvian Military base, apparently bemused by all the trouble they had caused. Jamie Neal and Garrett Hand were feared to have been dead or …Find out more from The Independent (blog)

PBN panelists: Think about social media as more than a marketing tool

Consider the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore of Oahu, whose chief information officer, Fred Camit, says it utilized social media — probably the most popular form of tech these days — to help it increase its customer base at a new event.Find out more from Pacific Business News (Honolulu) (blog)

Social Madness launches: Let the social media craze begin

“I would recommend people be genuine about participation and not spam their audience because that’s not what this is about,” said Jeff Cohen, director of social media for MDG Advertising. “It’s about rallying their community behind their efforts, which …Find out more from South Florida Business Journal (blog)

Panel gives social media tips for small businesses

The underlying message was that small businesses have to be on social media, although they can probably pick and choose where to devote their limited resources based on where their customers are. For one company that might be Facebook and LinkedIn, …Find out more from Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

Local teens use social media to mentor students in Chicago

Kip Glazer, an English teacher at Independence, is having her students participate in a mentoring program through Digital Youth Network where her students can critique the Chicago students’ work through the closed social media website. By Henry A.Find out more from Bakersfield Californian

WKU sees value in social media education

Joanna Phillips-Melancon, associate professor of marketing and sales at WKU, said it became clear a few years ago that more businesses were using social media, and school officials felt there would be a greater need for people who were specifically …Find out more from Business First of Louisville (blog)

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