Ads for Super Bowl ads build social-media buzz

The mania for Super Bowl teasers — call them ads for ads — began last year, with Volkswagen posting a teaser online aimed at driving folks to social media to get hints about VW’s Super Bowl game ad. “A good teaser can become viral,” says Steven …Find out more from USA TODAY

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Law to Keep Sex Offenders from Social Media Ruled Unconstitutional

Doe’s lawyers from the ACLU of Indiana argued in court papers that he wanted to access social media, particularly Facebook, to monitor his son’s usage, as well as engage in political discussions, comment on news stories and share photos and videos with …Find out more from ABC News (blog)

The Role of Social Media in Disaster Psychiatry (or how I became a fan of …

Hidden amongst all the intense media coverage surrounding Facebook’s IPO last Spring, there was a news item that was covered so briefly that if you blinked you may have missed it: Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took a trip to Japan and during this …Find out more from PLoS Blogs (blog)

Nobody went for the ‘social media butler’

The Madison Hotel’s $47,000 “Inaugural Town and Country Package” (“Dedicated social media butler … private presidential Inauguration tour for you and 22 of your friends. … $5,000 shopping experience at Brooks Brothers … personal town car and driver …Find out more from Politico

Should You Follow Up on Social Media?

Should you attempt to showcase your wicked social media smarts by posting your thank you note directly to your dream employer’s wall after the interview? Absolutely not. I am seeing this billboard-style nonsense with increasing frequency in recent …Find out more from Forbes

How Social Networking Puts Your Business on Steroids

Size matters. At least it does when it comes to your network. The larger and more diverse it is, the more likely your business is to grow big, according to a Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report. It may come as a surprise that women, who tend to be …Find out more from Forbes

Fast-changing social media makes advisers scramble

REUTERS – Fast-changing features on social media sites are triggering a new wave of compliance challenges for financial advisers at a time when many are just becoming comfortable with the technology in the first place. As social media sites such as …Find out more from Reuters India

Clinton says will use social media to fight Qaeda

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton promised Wednesday that the United States would use the internet and social media in its fight against al Qaeda and other extremist Islamist groups. The outgoing top diplomat said the US state department had …Find out more from Hindustan Times

Social Media Overcrowding Is LinkedIn’s Opportunity

How many social networks do you belong to? How many devices do you have connected to those channels? How many apps, websites and services have you granted “permission” to access your data on those networks? How many friends, acquaintances …Find out more from Huffington Post

It’s Time to Cut Back on Social Media

I recently got back from the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Scheduled before the massive annual CES gathering, it’s a powwow for bloggers and other social media enthusiasts, early adopters who are quick to jump on board the next great thing. So imagine …Find out more from (blog)

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