Who’d George Clooney call after his arrest?

If you actually donate your time or money to any cause, thank you. If you do, you probably aren’t criticizing Clooney for what he is doing either. The trolls blogging hate about Clooney have never helped anyone else in thier lives or they would be …Find out more from CNN (blog)

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Five Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Full Time Niche Blogger

You can also work on your blog full time, giving up working for other people to instead focus on making money online. Both are viable options. Of course, the more time you devote to your blogging efforts, the more money you can make with it, …Find out more from BlogWorld (blog)

Goldman Sachs’ Culture: When Making Money Isn’t Enough

You know you’ve hit a nerve when not only are the Twitter stream and blogosphere overrun with comments and links – but the originating publication has to close its comments on your article because the volume has become too much…and run a live blog on …Find out more from QFINANCE.com (blog)

Sometimes Rolling Up our Sleeves and Getting Dirty is the Best Thing for Us

I realize this is a blog about frugality, saving money, and living in frugal decadence. However, writing has always been an emotional outlet for me. I am only human, and when I witness events that touch me, or when I experience setbacks, …Find out more from Houston Chronicle (blog)

What I’ve Learned About Blogging from Writing More Than 1000 Posts

Blogging has given me a way to build a platform. When I started, a platform involved having a radio or television show, a bestselling book, or a highly visible speaking career. It took money, fame, or both. It was mostly unavailable to the average …Find out more from The Tennessean (blog)

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