Media news derivatives: June 4

By Erik Wemple *“Difficult times” for the media industry watchdog/blogging machine/journo-training school also known as the Poynter Institute. The place’s funding model has viability problems and needs a leader who can round up money.Find out more from Washington Post (blog)

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Teenager wants to become YouTube partner

By KIM KOMANDO Q. My 15-year-old thinks she could make some money by becoming a YouTube partner. People really like her video blogs online. Do you think she should sign up? A.YouTube partnership allows YouTube to run ads on your videos; …Find out more from South Bend Tribune

A look inside the Justin Blackmon coverage in Jacksonville

They are going to pay him tons of money. And then he gets arrested for an alcohol-related incident for the second time in less than two years. Florida Times-Union columnist Gene Frenette has been blogging about Blackmon quite a bit and offering quite a …Find out more from (blog)

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