For many city youngsters, blogging is earning money

The bloggers choose a topic that is informative and one that will have a high user-base. Generally, topics on technology, smartphone applications, real estate, earning money online are most sought after by users. Bloggers then approach potential …Find out more from Times of India (blog)

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Local Mom Bloggers Converge at NOVALive to Network, Raise Money for Charity

Organizers Micaela Williamson of Burke and Andrea Khoury of Centreville teamed up to celebrate and expand the mom-blogging community as well as raise funds for a worthy cause, Mission Sleep. The non-profit division of Let Mommy Sleep, Mission Sleep …Find out more from

Puppies! And Some Articles About Money …

Welcome to the Totally Money Blog Carnival — a roundup of (yep, you guessed it!) blogs about money management. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Oh, and PS — These carnivals can be text-heavy, so I’ve thrown in photos of puppies to keep you entertained.Find out more from Business Insider

LIVE BLOGGING Trade Deadline 2012

The Jets are playing with house money. Maybe they make the playoffs. Maybe not. But in either case, they gave added nicely to their inventory. “ 4:10 PM You can’t discount the fact that the deals that have been made earlier this month have had an …Find out more from CNN

Tech journalists labelled ‘hit men, click whores and paid apologists’

Debate about the power and influence of tech writers reopens after Newsweek’s Dan Lyons accuses bloggers of reinventing PR, dressing it up as journalism and playing at venture capitalism. The debate asking “Are bloggers journalists?Find out more from Sydney Morning Herald

Teen Savvy Blog: Diggy Simmons, Life of the Jet Setter Feb 27th 2012 12:00PM

Read More » Blog: March Cover Girls Magazine Round-Up! Feb 25th 2012 12:00PM Spring is in the air! March 2012′s magazines are already out and while it may feel too soon (or too cold) to be discussing flirty dresses and open toe shoes, …Find out more from Cambio

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