Filmmakers raised money online

Maybe they could muster enough money for a 15-minute piece. Maybe people would like it. But when they posted their trailer online and it got 50000 hits in a day, they knew they were on to something. And when they went to Kickstarter — an online site …Find out more from Springfield News-Leader

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Ripe for success

Life is about following your passions and if you can make money out of it, great, or if you can make that your career, excellent. ”The Ripe for us is about, while we’re young, having a crack at really following our love and trying to make something of …Find out more from Brisbane Times

How Should Sports Sites Make Money? A Great Post and a Great Line

… it is a big story that the issue is available online), the whole discussion about how to drive traffic to sports sites and how online news sites make money off advertising got moved to a new level with this post from Outkick the Coverage.Find out more from Mobile Sports Report – An Online Information Resource for Real Money Poker

Several players are successfully playing online poker with the help of information at which is free for all to read. The first step is to make a new player comfortable and make him feel that his money is not going to vanish in …Find out more from Einnews Portugal

Two districts open Iowa to online schools

Terry Branstad’s education reform package calls for an expansion of online learning opportunities for Iowans, and Glass has been a consistent advocate of changing the way education is delivered in the state. He calls it “making schools fit kids instead …Find out more from Quad City Times

Online Lottery Sales Could Lead to Layoffs

They can make additional money by cashing winning tickets up to $600 in their stores and for selling winning tickets of $1000 or more. Lottery customers also tend to spend more in the store, concluded a 1997 study compiled by the National Association …Find out more from

Illinois deals itself into the online lottery market

A study last year by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission projects an intrastate online poker operator could expect to make $13 million to $60 million yearly. That level of new gaming activity could generate a potential boost in the state’s gambling …Find out more from Quad City Times

Online piracy: Youth shaping future of TV, movies, music

What if they and advocates for maximum online access could persuade the entertainment industry to loosen its tight grip on its coveted, copyrighted material — quite the opposite of what the industry is trying to do right now?Find out more from Utica Observer Dispatch

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