Proview’s New PR Attack: Apple Cheated Us Out of the iPad Trademark

Bankrupt though it may be, Proview, the company embroiled in a legal battle with Apple over the Chinese rights to the iPad trademark, has found money enough to hire a slick PR firm to make its case in the United States.Find out more from All Things Digital

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How Apple snookered Proview to get the iPad trademark

Apple doesn’t deny any of it. Steve Jobs unveils the iPad. Image: Apple Inc. Here’s how Apple (AAPL) allegedly got Proview International Holdings to sell them the iPad trademark 35 days before Steve Jobs unveiled the device at a San Francisco press …Find out more from CNNMoney

Apple Wins Karlsruhe Ruling on German Online Sales of Some iPads, iPhones

Apple Inc. (AAPL) won a German appeals court ruling temporarily blocking the enforcement of a patent verdict obtained by Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) in December. Motorola Mobility, which forced Apple to remove some iPad and iPhone models from …Find out more from Bloomberg

Apple’s German Appeals Victory a Blow to Motorola, Google: Analyst

Apple’s victory in a German appeals court not only allows it to keep selling the iPhone and iPad, but also lands a blow against Motorola Mobility and Google. Apple’s victory over Motorola Mobility in a German appeals court allows it to keep selling the …Find out more from eWeek

Court Rejects Sales Ban Of Apple’s iPhone, iPad In Germany

By Harriet Torry FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)–A German court Monday said Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) can’t enforce a sales ban on Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPad and iPhone devices in Germany for the time being, while Motorola would be infringing …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

Proview Escalates iPad Name Battle Against Apple

By Leslie Horn Proview, the Chinese company embroiled in a legal battle with Apple over the iPad name, has spoken out about the lawsuit. Earlier this month, Proview brought the fight over the trademark to US soil, filing a lawsuit against Apple in a …Find out more from PC Magazine

Proview Lawsuit Accuses Apple of Fraud & Unfair Competition

Proview Technology announced on Monday that the company has amended a lawsuit against Apple to include accusations that the iPad maker committed fraud and unfair competition. The lawsuit is part of Taiwan-based Proview Electronics’ trademark battle …Find out more from The Mac Observer

Apple Shoves Motorola Patent Suit Into Limbo

By Richard Adhikari A court in Germany has suspended a ban against selling various Apple iOS devices. The ban had been the result of a patent lawsuit brought by Motorola. Apple’s win could slow down Motorola’s progress considerably.Find out more from TechNewsWorld

Apple wins battle in German Motorola patent war

A German court has ruled that Motorola Mobility can’t enforce a patent-battle injunction it won in December that would have prevented Apple’s iPhone and iPad from being sold in that country. The injunction caused Apple to remove those products from its …Find out more from Register

Apple arch-nemesis Proview: We want to ‘make a comeback’

by Don Reisinger February 27, 2012 6:16 AM PST The company’s chief executive, Yang Long-san, says he just wants to resolve “all the problems” his company is facing, ostensibly including its trademark battle with Apple. Proview chief executive Yang …Find out more from CNET (blog)

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Apple Wins Long-Term Protection from Ban on Sales of 3G-Enabled …

Back in December, Motorola Mobility won a preliminary injunction against Apple in Germany that could have seen Apple barred from selling its…More By Eric Slivka

Apple airs “iCloud harmony” ad | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple has aired a new iCloud commercial, Harmony. It demonstrates how photos, iTunes and iBooks purchases and contact information is automatically shared.More By Dave Caolo

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That’s the message of Apple’s latest commercial titled iCloud Harmony. The service took off like a rocket when it first launched late last year. Partly fueled by the massive success of the iPhone 4S, Apple claims to have more than 85 million …More By Matt Burns

Point, Apple: Motorola must wait on iOS ban in Germany — Apple …

The legal tennis match over smartphone patents is still dragging on, and it was Apple’s turn Monday to claim victory in a dispute in Germany. A court ruled that Motorola can’t enforce an injunction that would have banned the iPhone and iPad …More By Tom Krazit

Apple prepares to pull Siri competitor Evi from App Store – iPhone …

Evi has been cleared to be sold in the iTunes App Store by Apple on a couple of different occasions, but according to a story from TechCrunch, the iPhone maker is preparing to pull it from the App Store. Evi developer, True Knowledge, has …More By Phil Hornshaw