Justice Department Bites Apple

With those words, senior Apple executive Eddy Cue stuck to his take-it-or-leave-it business model of a 30% revenue share payable for transactions through the iTunes service. Despite my arguments to Mr. Cue in Apple’s Cupertino, Calif., offices last …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

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A smaller version of the iPad? Rumors still swirling about Apple’s plans

Jeff Chiu/AP The iPad’s ’10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps,’ Apple founder Steve Jobs said in 2010. As part of a technology change, commenting will not be available on some articles for a number of months.Find out more from Austin American-Statesman

Experts Say Government Had Little Choice in E-Books Case

By THOMAS CATAN WASHINGTON—The US Justice Department has come under criticism since filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple Inc. and five publishers, accusing them of colluding to fix e-book prices. But many experts say that under antitrust law, …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

Apple, Fed to be big stories in the coming week

The most important will likely be Apple Inc , which reports after the market close on Tuesday. While the largest US company by market capitalization has a history of blowout quarters, many say the company’s meteoric rise so far this year has created …Find out more from msnbc.com

Carrier Trade Is Still In Apple’s Favor

By ROLFE WINKLER Carriers may be mad as hell at Apple, but they’re going to keep taking it. Verizon finance chief Francis Shammo took a shot at the iPhone-maker last week, saying the telecom carrier wants to promote Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

Are Apple and Google Playing HTML5 Chess with Facebook?

But it turns out that the rivalry between Facebook, Apple and Google is turning this into HTML5-dimensional chess. Here’s what I mean: Since Facebook launched its HTML5 application platform last year, they have placed major bets on the open web.Find out more from Forbes

Apple vs. Google: Lessons from Bill Gates’ playbook

—Robert Evans, “The Kid Stays in the Picture” I’ve been ruminating on how Apple and Google could have come up with such divergent takeaways from studying the incredible, terrifyingly dominant run of Microsoft under Bill Gates.Find out more from GigaOM

Apple’s Worst Nightmare

By Rick Aristotle Munarriz, The Motley Fool Apple (NAS: AAPL) has fallen in back-to-back weeks. The world’s most valuable tech company surrendered 4.5% of its value two weeks ago, followed by an even crueler 5.3% slide last week.Find out more from DailyFinance

Connecticut Sues Apple, Publishers for eBook Price Fixing

By Anthony Karge Apple and several book publishers are allegedly working together to drive up the price of eBooks resulting in $100 million in overcharges, according to a complaint lodged by 16 states, including Connecticut. A two-year investigation by …Find out more from Patch.com

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More Anti-Trust Woes Ahead For Apple? | TechCrunch

This week, the Justice Department announced new monopolist targets as it slapped Apple and five of the largest book publishers with an antitrust lawsuit. Attorney General Eric Holder accuses the companies of price collusion in connection …More By Contributor

Matt Groening’s Apple ‘Student’s Guide’, 1989 | Retronaut

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Jobs boost for Cork as Apple pledges to create 500 jobs | Irish News …

Jobs boost for Cork as Apple pledges to create 500 jobs: The Irish jobs market received a much-needed boost this weekend when Apple confirmed that is will create 500 new positions at its European Headquarters in Cork.More IrishCentral News …

Apple iPad And iPhone Sales Could Increase, Predicts Analyst …

While everybody is waiting for Apple to announce their Q1 earnings, analysts are already placing their bets – with the…More ITProPortal.com: Mobile & Telco

TUAW Talkcast: Rampant speculation and unfounded rumors …

What do you do when there’s nothing really amazing going on in the world of Apple? You make the news! Rumors and speculation will be our fuel for tonight’s episode of the TUAW Talkcast. This is my first Talkcast hosting stint in a while, …More By Steven Sande