How Samsung is out-innovating Apple

(CNN) — There’s no arguing that Apple set the standard for modern mobile devices with the iPhone and the iPad. It didn’t take long after those two products launched for competitors to rush out their own copycat devices. Even then, it took another few …Find out more from CNN

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Apple’s new iPad ads: No Samsung jokes (well, maybe one)

Apple’s new iPad ads: No Samsung jokes (well, maybe one). Apple releases two new iPad ads that largely offer a continuation of the perception that Apple is the only tablet game in town. Chris Matyszczyk. by Chris Matyszczyk. February 18, 2013 9:18 AM …Find out more from CNET

What If Apple’s iWatch Is Really A TV?

Apple could still go in another direction and choose an entirely different name. Its existing set-top box, Apple TV, is one of the few recent items that includes the company’s name in the title. Apple could simply refer to its TV as a “television …Find out more from Forbes

Apple’s Sir Jony Ive Gets A Real Award

This will sound a little strange perhaps to non-Brits but Apple’s Sir Jony Ive has just been given what we would regard as a “real” award, one that’s important rather than just being a useful bauble. Sir Jony seemed genuinely pleased to get a gold Blue …Find out more from Forbes

Even Apple Gets Stung by Bureaucracy

How did a previously innovative organization succumb to the same evil forces it once fought so hard against? The insidious poison of fear-based, bureaucratic thinking can infect even the most creative companies. Apple, arguably the most disruptive …Find out more from Forbes

What’s Wrong With Apple’s TV Ads Lately?

Apple is out with two new television ads that aim to show people what they can do with its iPad and iPad mini tablets. Named “Alive” and “Together,” they feature quick-cut examples of cool visual apps, punctuated by rapid-fire printed words almost too …Find out more from Forbes

Apple’s new subliminal TV ads

At least not in its first post-Superbowl iPad commercials, “Together” (above) and “Alive” (below). Apple seems to be sticking its knitting, planting a few subliminal messages (spark, go, morning, hello, watch, rock, roam, leap, soar, top, flick, fresh …Find out more from Fortune (blog)

The Post Post-PC Era: Will Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon Or Microsoft Win?

Even before Apple’s 10 percent stock dip, it was clear that one battle was already over. Put down your arms – Android has won the smartphone OS marketshare war. The competitive drama of the smartphone battle has already unfolded to a large extent and …Find out more from TechCrunch

Apple TV Rumors Boosted With “High Priority” Job Posting

Apple job postings are one place the usually secretive company has to reveal a few details about its plans, and a fresh one has added some serious spin to the rumors about an Apple TV. It’s an offer for a software engineer/manager who will be in charge …Find out more from Fast Company

Is Apple still a growth stock?

More than a year ago I wrote a story entitled, “Why Apple is worth at least $650″ (see MotleyFool). Recently I read one entitled, “4 Reasons Why Apple Won’t See $700 Again” (see MarketWatch) and thought it was a good time to revisit my original conclusion.Find out more from MSN Money

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Watch Apple’s Latest TV Ads for iPad [VIDEO]

Apple unveiled its latest television ads for the iPad and iPad mini on Sunday.More By Anita Li

Apple Has Two New iPad Ads – Business Insider

Apple released two new TV ads for its iPad line Sunday evening, titled “Alive” and “Together.” Mark Gurman of … Samsung has been beating up on Apple, teasing line-sitting fanboys and making fun of the Apple Stores’ “Genius Bars.” Apple’s …More By Owen Thomas

Apple Posts Peppy New TV Ad Spots for iPad

Apple has released two energetic new commercials for the iPad showing off a few of the 300000+ apps designed for its tablet lineup.More By Josh Ong

Apple Airs New Ads With Beating Hearts, Sharks and All That Jazz …

Released to tout Apple’s iPad and iPad mini, the two ads — called “Alive” and “Together” — are a clear departure from Apple’s previous TV spots.More By Kara Swisher

Who’s the guy in the new Apple ad? Meet Mathieu Lehanneur

The new Apple iPad ad, “Alive,” features the TED mobile app and speaker Mathieu Lehanneur, who marries the natural and synthetic in design.More By Kate Torgovnick

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Who Supplies Apple? (It’s Not Just China): An Interactive Map …

Last month, Apple Inc. released its updated list of suppliers (PDF). This report says it includes “the major manufacturing locations of suppliers who provide raw …Read more here.