How Apple cuts costs in building its gadgets

By Mark Milian, CNN Workers labor on a production line at Foxconn’s Longhua plant, which employs 300000 people and makes products for Apple. (CNN) — On the backs of iPods, iPhones and iPads, and on the bottom of Mac laptops, an inscription reads: …Find out more from CNN

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Apple to put iPads, iPhones back on shelves in Germany

After losing a patent fight with Motorola, Apple pulled its iPads and iPhones from store shelves but now has vowed to return them. Hours after Apple said it was pulling various iPhones and iPads from its German online store, the company turned around …Find out more from ZDNet

Apple TV for $1499? Would you buy it?

An apparent Best Buy customer survey mentions a possible Apple 42-inch HDTV for $1499. That’s up three times as much as current 42-inch models; could it be worth the price? Before we go any further, let’s disclaim the idea that there’s proof such a …Find out more from CNET

Why Apple will pay a dividend

FORTUNE — The liquid securities alone on Apple’s balance sheet, roughly $98 billion, would make it the 43rd most valuable company in the world. Apple’s cash would rank it just behind McDonalds, an astounding and bizarre statement in the annals of …Find out more from Fortune

Apple snares top smartphone sales spot

By Gregg Keizer Computerworld – Apple claimed titles as the world’s and US’s top seller of smartphones last quarter, analysts said today. The company’s record sales — the majority of them the new iPhone 4S — in the three months ending Dec.Find out more from Computerworld

Apple’s e-Textbooks Just Too Good to Be True

By Jeffrey J. Rose Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, speaks about Apple’s plan to “reinvent” textbooks at an event at the Guggenheim Museum on January 19, 2012 in New York City. Apple announced iBooks 2, …Find out more from

The Apple fanboy problem

By Violet Blue | February 6, 2012, 1:42pm PST Summary: Apple fanboys have a reputation for hostile attacks based on suggestion, and it’s harming Apple’s image. Apple “fanboys” have gained a negative reputation as a hostile entity.Find out more from ZDNet (blog)

Apple drops over 50 “clone” games from app store, all by same developer

Copycat apps are a big problem that goes mostly unchecked, but Apple recently sent a message to serial copycats that this sort of behavior isn’t entirely tolerated. Just before Superbowl weekend, Apple removed a whole mess of “clone” apps from the …Find out more from Neoseeker

Apple’s ‘Macroscalar’ Trademark Application Sparks Speculation on Processor …

Patently Apple reports that Apple last week filed a curious new trademark application for the term “macroscalar”. The company has typically quietly registered trademarks in countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, only to later apply for the marks in the …Find out more from Mac Rumors

Apple knocks IBM off top of Davis brands list

by Josh Lowensohn February 6, 2012 1:09 PM PST Follow @Josh Apple emerged as the top brand of 2011, according to an annual list put together by marketing strategy firm Davis Brand Capital. The iPhone, iPad, and Mac maker topped the Davis list for the …Find out more from CNET

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Apple Compensates Victim of iMessage Bug for Breach of Privacy …

In December, an apparent bug appeared in Apple’s iMessage service that allowed iMessages to be sent to a stolen iPhone. The messages can,…More By Jordan Golson

Why Didn’t Apple Advertise During the Super Bowl?

Apple ignored the Super Bowl and is instead mocked in a commercial by one of its chief rivals.More By Lance Ulanoff

Report: Google hires Apple exec to work on ‘secret project’ — Engadget

Google appears to have scored another coup in its ongoing rivalry with Apple, having reportedly lured one of the company’s senior directors to its.More By Amar Toor

Apple removes one iOS developer’s copycat games | TUAW – The …

Image: Shutterstock A few days ago, I caught a tweet from Paul Haddad (of Tapbots), showing a screen full of obvious copycat apps from one developer. Of.More By Victor Agreda, Jr.

Apple May Have to Stop Selling the iPad in China

After losing a trade mark lawsuit last year against a Chinese company, Apple may have to pay a fine and stop selling and marketing the iPad in China. An ironic outcome in the Counterfeit Republic of China, if it finally goes through.More By Jesus Diaz

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About the OS X Lion v10.7.3 Update – Support – Apple

The OS X Lion v10.7.3 Update is recommended for all OS X Lion users and includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and …Read more here.