Forrester: Apple is Entering a Long Decline

By Damon Poeter At least one analyst is bucking the trend of gushing over Apple. Forrester Research chief executive George Colony laid out his case in a blog post Wednesday for why he thinks the company will start looking like just another tech …Find out more from PC Magazine

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Is Apple like Sony?

George Colony, chief executive of the Forrester research firm, decided to stir a little trouble this week by publishing a blog post with a provocative headline: Apple = Sony. The comparison to Sony — the once-great electronics giant faces a projected …Find out more from Washington Post

No, Apple won’t go the Sony route

Forrester CEO George Colony argues that Apple will lose its way like Sony did. Colony’s argument revolves around charisma, but he misses a few key competitive advantages. by Larry Dignan April 26, 2012 6:49 AM PDT Forrester CEO George Colony has argued …Find out more from CNET

Apple iOS 6 Wishlist: 10 Features We Want

If iOS 6 is discussed at Apple’s sold-out developer conference, here’s what we want to hear. By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek Apple on Wednesday said that its 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference will be held from June 11 through June 15.Find out more from InformationWeek

Apple needs to rethink its WWDC approach

by Philip Michaels, As a company, Apple gets a lot of things right. It built a phone that set the standard for an entire industry, with handset makers still playing catch up with the iPhone five years after that product’s debut.Find out more from Macworld

Why is Apple CEO slamming laptop/tablet hybrids?

By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld – When Apple CEO Tim Cook dissed the whole idea of hybrid mobile computers, he may have been showing his hand. Cook said during a financial earnings conference call this week that consumers simply won’t be interested in …Find out more from Computerworld

Apple Now Accepting Design Award Nominations

By Angela Moscaritolo Nominations are now open for Apple’s annual Design Awards, which celebrate the best iOS and OS X apps on the market today. Judges for this year’s contest are looking for apps that are well-designed, state-of-the-art, …Find out more from PC Magazine

Apple is “ten years behind Microsoft” on security says security firm Kaspersky

Macs are about to be swamped by a new wave of malware attacks, and are at risk because Apple is “ten years behind Microsoft” when it comes to security, says Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of the security firm Kaspersky. If he’s right, the recent …Find out more from Computerworld (blog)

Why Apple’s CEO Is Right About ‘Refrigerator-Toasters’ — and Laptop-Tablets

Apple CEO Tim Cook is such a person. His ad-libbed comment during this week’s company earnings call about “convergence” devices has inspired more online buzz than a Kardashian marriage. Answering a question about whether an Apple tablet-laptop hybrid …Find out more from Mashable

Apple WWDC 2012: iOS 6, iCloud, OS X and Macs

By Jonny Evans Announced yesterday, Apple [AAPL] WWDC extravaganza sold out in just two hours as 5000 developers coughed-up $1600 each to attend, netting the company a cool $8 million as they did. So, what can we expect from this year’s show?Find out more from Computerworld (blog)

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Apple and the innovation dilemma | MediaFile | Analysis & Opinion …

Apple’s demise will come not from a lack of inventiveness, but because someone else comes up with a game-changing something that nobody else saw coming. That’s the way giants are toppled. But for now, Forrester’s CEO is probably …More By John C Abell

J.C. Penney Hires Key Apple Executive from Retail Store Design …

Since taking the helm of department store chain J.C. Penney last November, former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson has rebuilt much of his new…More By Eric Slivka

Apple to build large, off-campus cafeteria | TUAW – The Unofficial …

Yum. The San Jose Mercury News reports that Apple is building a cafeteria for employees. The new off-site eatery will be more than 21000 square feet,More By Mel Martin

Apple ≠ Sony: Why Apple Can Succeed Post-Jobs | TechCrunch

Apple ≠ Sony: Why Apple Can Succeed Post-Jobs. John Biggs. posted 9 hours ago. Comments. View Staff Page. Biggs is the East Cost Editor of TechCrunch. Biggs has written for the New York Times, InSync, USA Weekend, Popular …More By John Biggs

Samsung hires protesters and tells Apple to ‘wake up’ [video]

A marketing agency called Tongue has reportedly begun a guerrilla marketing campaign against Apple in Australia. The agency recently hired protesters w.More By Dan Graziano

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Apple = Sony | Forrester Blogs

Apple’s next generation of products will be fine — Steve’s hands are all over those products. The real test will come on the subsequent generationRead more here.