Apple’s textbooks for 1-percenters will leave most children behind

There’s no doubt that Apple’s new iBooks 2 initiative has the potential to vastly improve the K-12 learning experience by offering attractive digital textbooks with interactive features like videos, animations, definitions, flashcards, and quizzes. …Find out more from Fox News

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New Apple suit claims Galaxy Nexus infringes on ‘slide-to-unlock’ feature

By Mikey Campbell Apple’s newest German complaint against Samsung is the first time the company has named the South Korean electronics manufacturer’s flagship handset in a lawsuit, claiming the device infringes the iPhone maker’s “slide-to-unlock” …Find out more from Apple Insider

Apple iOS Is Gaining On Google Android: Eight Reasons Why

Yet that doesn’t tell the whole tale of the year, as Apple came on strong in the December quarter with its iPhone. People in the US bought a lot of iPhones for the holiday quarter. Nielsen surveyed 25,0000 people for December and found that nearly 47 …Find out more from eWeek

Apple claims ownership of digital photography patents asserted by Kodak

By Daniel Eran Dilger Apple has asked a bankruptcy court to block Kodak from obtaining loans using certain patents as collateral, arguing that it believes the disputed Kodak patents actually belong to Apple. According to a filling (PDF) submitted to …Find out more from Apple Insider

Apple Battery Patent Hints at Thinness, Creativity in iDevice Shapes

By Christina Bonnington We already know Apple has a penchant for making things thinner — and then thinner again. The iPhone 4 held the “thinnest smartphone” title for more than a year after its debut, and the MacBook Air helped inspire a legion of …Find out more from Wired News

Biz Break: Google and Apple suffer on Wall Street, but Intel, Microsoft and …

(AP Photo/dapd, Virginia Mayo) Today: Google’s (GOOG) earnings report leads to losses on the stock market, but Intel (INTC), Microsoft and IBM ride their quarterly reports to solid days; Also: Apple (AAPL) falls, possibly due to lack of iPhones in …Find out more from San Jose Mercury News

Apple’s future Siri threat means Jobs hit the Android nuke button

By Jonny Evans The Cupertino dream machine’s rumbling into action once again, with Apple [AAPL] developing new tech which will make Siri something seriously amazing, a new patent filing claims. I’ve had some high expectations of the Apple technology. …Find out more from Computerworld (blog)

Apple’s textbooks hinge on subsequent near-free iPad

Back before the iPhone 4S was released, I suggested that it would be a free release, having Apple allow itself to instead rely solely on the software sales that came afterward – that happened, to a degree, and it’s looking inevitable that Apple’s …Find out more from SlashGear

Hoffman: Apple’s iCloud user experience far from heavenly

They’ve come to define Apple as a company known for breathtaking innovations and magical technology. Even detractors want to know: What’s up next for Apple? Unfortunately, this is not a column about another Apple success. …Find out more from The Star-Ledger –

Earnings Preview: Apple to report 1Q results

(AP) NEW YORK — Apple Inc. on Tuesday will report results for the October to December period, its fiscal first quarter, during which co-founder Steve Jobs died and the technology company started selling the latest version of the iPhone. …Find out more from CBS News

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Apple Stores construction suppliers | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple …

Apple recently released its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report for 2012 and, for the first time, provided a list of 156 suppliers. This list covers.More By Kelly Hodgkins

Apple Retail Stores Coming to India? – Mac Rumors

Indian business newspaper Mint reports (via iPhone Hacks) that Apple may be preparing to open retail stores in India, dramatically increasing the…More By Eric Slivka

DOJ investigation yields fresh evidence against Google, Apple in …

Back in 2009, a small controversy began swirling around Google and Apple, amid allegations that the two companies had struck an informal agreement.More By Amar Toor

The dark side of Apple’s digital textbook utopia | VentureBeat

As it did with music and cellphones, Apple today fundamentally redefined what a textbook is with the announcement of iBooks 2 and its accompanying iBooks Author software.More By Devindra Hardawar

Damning Evidence Emerges In Google-Apple “No Poach” Antitrust …

Next week a class-action civil lawsuit will be heard in San Jose to determine if Google, Apple, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Adobe, Intel, and Intuit conspired to eliminate competition for skilled labor. In anticipation of the hearing, TechCrunch has obtained …More By Josh Constine

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Apple’s Value Reaches $400bn, Worth More Than Greece

On Thursday, Apple’s value on the stock market reached an all-time high of $400 billion. That figure makes it worth more than Greece, Austria, Argentina and …Read more here.