Apple’s security code of silence: A big problem

More will follow unless Apple steps up its game. by Larry Dignan April 6, 2012 8:45 AM PDT Apple has cultivated a myth about security on the Mac platform. The myth goes like this: Apple users don’t need antivirus software.Find out more from CNET

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Alarmed about botnet trojan, Apple releases update for Macs

As Apple grows, so will the number of viruses that can affect it systems. Today, it issued a Java update to keep one of these viruses, the Flashback trojan, at bay. Flashback is a type of malware that is transferred to your computer by masquerading as …Find out more from Washington Post

Apple Battles Flashback Trojan With Second Mac Update

By Chloe Albanesius Apple on Thursday issued a second patch for a Trojan that has reportedly infected about 550000 Macs. The update, dubbed Java for OS X 2012-002, does not appear to add anything substantial to the first update, according to security …Find out more from PC Magazine

Apple push to ban Samsung tablets in U.S. gets wary appeal from judges

By David Ingram WASHINGTON — A US appeals court on Friday showed few signs that it was prepared to support a request by Apple (AAPL) to block immediately the sale of some Samsung Electronics smartphones and tablets. In a high-stakes patent dispute, …Find out more from San Jose Mercury News

Half of 600000 infected Macs are in the US

By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY Some 300000 of the 600000 Macs infected by the Flashback Trojan are located in the US, including 274 in Cuppertino, Apple’s hometown in Silicon Valley, according to Tweets from Ivan Sorokin, a malware analyst at Russian …Find out more from USA TODAY

Apple Hits Flashback Trojan With Second Java Update

By Jared Newman, PCWorld Apr 6, 2012 7:12 AM Apple has issued a second security update aimed at Flashback, the Mac malware that has reportedly infected 600000 computers since last year. As Intego notes, the Java for OS X 2012-002 update appears to be …Find out more from PCWorld

Virus hits half a million Macs: How to protect yourself against malware

Thanks to a well-documented flaw that Apple didn’t patch for three months, a nasty piece of malware called Mac Flashback seems to have infected nearly 600000 Macs worldwide (according to Russian security firm Dr. Web). Here are three things you need to …Find out more from Fox News

Apple Asks Appeals Court to Halt Samsung Sales

By Susan Decker on April 06, 2012 Apple Inc., (AAPL) (AAPL) maker of the iPhone and iPad, asked a US appeals court to block sales of some products made by Samsung Electronics Co. that it contends “slavishly copy” the two devices.Find out more from BusinessWeek

Malware Targets Apple Computers, Fix Released

By Ian Sherr Security researchers said that a malware program called “Flashback” had infected some computers made by Apple Inc. before the company took steps to protect its users. Associated Press According to F-Secure Corp., a computer security …Find out more from Wall Street Journal (blog)

Apple unlikely to get Samsung device injunction from US court

By Mikey Campbell A US appeals court on Friday was unimpressed by Apple’s argument that a federal trial judge incorrectly denied the injunction of several Samsung products as part of the companies’ ongoing worldwide patent dispute.Find out more from Apple Insider

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About the security content of Java for OS X Lion … – Apple Support

This document describes the security content of Java for OS X Lion 2012-001 and Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 7, which can be downloaded and installed via …Read more here.