Apple’s Lead in Smartphones Is Not Guaranteed

BARCELONA, Spain — When Ellie Turner decided she wanted an upgrade from her iPhone 3G, she expected to pay more for Apple’s new iPhone 4S than for the other leading smartphones on the market. Instead, Ms. Turner, a public relations specialist in …Find out more from New York Times

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Apple to Elect Board by Majority After Investor Pressure

Enlarge image Apple to Elect Board by Majority After Investor Pressure Apple to Elect Board by Majority After Investor Pressure Jerome Favre/Bloomberg An Apple store in Hong Kong. Enlarge image Apple Apple A customer at an Apple store in Beijing on May …Find out more from Bloomberg

Apple is winning the mobile platform wars

I wouldn’t write off Apple just yet. The mobile wars are bigger than smartphones, as Apple already has shown”. Little has changed since. Android apologists still predict victory over iOS, while ignoring fundamental platform gains that put Apple in …Find out more from BetaNews

Apple Prepares To Pull Evi From App Store. Did It Slap-Down Siri?

But, ask “How do I make apple pie?” and Evi provides a list of recipes with web links. Siri can’t give you a direct answer and just asks whether you want to search the web. Perhaps it’s the fact that Evi is pretty damn good, and doesn’t look a million …Find out more from TechCrunch

Apple News and Rumor Roundup: What We Expect In 2012

Few technology companies draw more interest and news than Apple—we’re constantly reporting on leaks of new iPhones, iPads and Macs, as well as the subtle indications that new products may be on the way. It can all get a little overwhelming, …Find out more from News Quench

Inspections at Apple’s Suppliers in China

Կիրակի, Փետրվար 26, 2012 Inspections at Apple’s Suppliers in China Կարդացեք և լսեք անգլերեն նյութը, երկու անգամ սեղմեք ցանկացած բառի վրա՝ «Marriam-Webster» բառարանից …Find out more from Voice of America

New From Apple! The iStove!

By MARK MCDONALD | February 25, 2012, 10:49 pm HONG KONG — It was last summer when fake Apple stores began to appear in China, lookalike shops seemingly so genuine that even some of the employees thought they were working at authentic Apple outlets.Find out more from New York Times (blog)

Apple rumored to be secretly shipping ‘iPad 3′ as Best Buy cuts iPad 2 by $50

By AppleInsider Staff As retailer Best Buy has begun offering $50 off every iPad 2 model, a purported shipping manifest suggests Foxconn is already preparing to ship the device’s third-generation successor to Apple in the United States.Find out more from Apple Insider

No Company Follows Apple Allowing Expanded China Audits Amid Abuses: Tech

Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s rivals aren’t rushing to emulate the iPhone maker’s decision to subject supplier factories to audits by a labor group. Instead, they’re sticking to internal checks that may leave room for violations — and negative public relations …Find out more from Bloomberg

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Bottom Line – Apple tops list of the most profitable stores in America

By Brian Zajac, 24/7 Wall St. The past few years have been challenging for the retailing industry, and there are signs that 2012 will be no different. One key metric used to judge the health of a store is annual sales per square foot.More Newsvine – Bottom Line – Articles

Apple as the new GM or IBM – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech

Is it a flash in the pan or one of those rare companies that defines an era? [caption id=More By Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Apple media event whispers: iPad 3 shipments already en route to …

Some new tidbits are coming our way as the days until Apple’s next major announcement dwindle down. The first item of note is a purported shipping document for iPad 3 units. The document appeared on Twitter-like website Sina Weibo, and …More By Mark Gurman

VBWeekly: The Galaxy S II, Eco-Apple, and book club | VentureBeat

In this week’s VBWeekly, Jolie O’Dell walks us through first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the PlayStation Vita, and, in what turns out to be a blatant rip off, an iPhone game called Pokemon Yellow that is nothing more than a load …More By Christopher Peri

5 Businesses Offering Microsoft Office Alternatives on Apple’s iPad …

The popularity of Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Office suite of tools has spawned an app-industry niche aimed at bringing Office-like features to the tablet.More By Anthony John Agnello