Apple’s iPad hotter, but “heatgate” is overblown

(Credit: CNET) (CBS News) A Consumer Reports finding that Apple’s new iPad reached a whopping 116 degrees immediately spread like wildfire this week. Full coverage of Apple at Tech Talk New iPad hits whopping 116 degrees, report says Apple announces …Find out more from CBS News

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Apple sparks renewed interest in dividend-paying stocks

By Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun Apple made headlines again last week, but this time they weren’t entirely about the new iPad. The tech behemoth announced that it would start paying a quarterly dividend worth $2.65 per share beginning in July.Find out more from Baltimore Sun

What Apple’s Competitors Finally Understand

By Dan Newman, The Motley Fool Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) competitors are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore! Or at least they’ll try a different strategy that might cut short Apple’s domination of everything sleek and expensive.Find out more from DailyFinance

Apple’s new iPad: How hot is too hot?

A customer works on the new iPad at the Apple flagship retail store in San Francisco. Consumer Reports in March said its tests found that the new iPad can reach a temperature of 116 degrees. But in a summary of its test results, the magazine’s Donna …Find out more from Washington Post

Apple’s iPhones beat Blackberrys on RIM’s home turf

Last year, new data show, shipments of Apple Inc. AAPL-Q’s iPhone outpaced BlackBerrys in the Canadian market . The Waterloo, Ont.-based company shipped 2.08 million BlackBerrys, compared with Apple’s 2.85 million iPhones, in the Canadian market in …Find out more from Globe and Mail

Battery Chemistry Is Getting In The Way Of Apple’s Vision

The new Apple iPad is a hot product in more ways than one. A small firestorm has blown up in user forums as consumers report the device getting unusually warm, or even shutting down when exposed to hotter than normal conditions. Apple’s response so far …Find out more from Forbes

New iPad complaints pile up

Owners have said Apple’s newest tablet overheats, has WiFi connectivity issues and takes a long time to recharge, to name just a few of the problems. Warranty provider SquareTrade conducted a drop test on the iPad 2 and the new iPad and found that the …Find out more from Washington Post

The New iPad Is Out: What Now, Everybody Else?

By Harry McCracken | @harrymccracken | March 22, 2012 | + In 2010 Apple released its first iPad. It was far from the industry’s first tablet computer, but it was the one that defined the category. Its successor, 2011′s iPad 2, was so thin and light …Find out more from TIME

WILLIAMS: Apple’s new iPad proves its worth to reviewer in first week

By Justin Williams Last weekend, Apple sold 3 million new iPads. That should be an indication that it has a hit product on its hands. I have been using the new iPad for the past week and I can confirm that it is a great device.Find out more from Evansville Courier & Press

The New iPad Could Create High-Speed Headaches for CIOs

Apple’s new iPad may prove taxing to corporate networks and mobile data plans, an IT expert said. Given the popularity of Apple’s new iPad, which went on sale on Friday, CIOs may find themselves facing more pressure than ever from employees eager to …Find out more from Wall Street Journal (blog)

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Apple keeps your iCloud data safe | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple …

Now that Apple is asking us to entrust our address books, calendars, files, photos, music and more to iCloud, many Mac and iOS users might be asking the.More By Steven Sande

Apple Teases us with a Peek at an Advanced TV Remote – Patently …

As rumors swirl and dance about in the blogosphere about Apple’s coming HDTV, an Apple patent application pops up just in time to tease us about some of the possible new features that their TV remote may offer. While some of the features …More By Jack Purcher

The Fallen King: Apple Outships RIM In Canada For The First Time …

Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM shipped just 2.08 million BlackBerry smartphones last year in Canada, where Apple shipped 2.85 million units. This changing of the guard is a long time coming. As Bloomberg notes, in 2010 RIM bested Apple by …More By Matt Burns

Nokia to Apple: don’t cha wish your nano-SIM was hot like ours …

Don’t you hate it when the biggest wars can be started over the smallest things? This time around, we’re referring to this in a very literal sense, as.More By Brad Molen

Forget RIM — Apple Owns The Smartphone Game In Canada Now

RIM shipped 2.08 million BlackBerrys in Canada last year versus Apple’s 2.85 million iPhones. Paul Taylor, a fund manager at Toronto-based BMO Harris Private Banking, told Bloomberg, “For RIM, in its home market, to lose that No.More By Dylan Love

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Apple to pay dividend, start stock buybacks – Yahoo! News

From Yahoo! News: Apple is finally acknowledging that it has more money than it needs. But don’t expect it to cut prices on iPhones and iPads. Instead, the …Read more here.