Apple strips ’4G’ claim from iPad marketing

Apple has succumbed to court action and pressure from regulators in Australia and the United Kingdom and dropped the “4G” label from marketing material concerning the sale of its third generation iPad tablet. No longer “Wi-Fi + 4G”, the model that …Find out more from The Age

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Apple Founder Wozniak to Buy Facebook Regardless of Price

Apple Inc. (AAPL) co-founder Steve Wozniak said he will buy shares in Facebook Inc. (FB) when the social networking company sells its first shares to the public May 17. Wozniak, who built the first Apple computer with Steve Jobs and co-founded the …Find out more from Bloomberg

Apple drops iPad ‘WiFi+4G’ branding for the New iPad in Australia

APPLE in Australia and some other countries has ceased branding its new iPad as 4G capable, instead using the term “WiFi + Cellular”. Its change of name follows complaints in Australia and the UK that the new iPad “WiFi+4G” does not connect to 4th …Find out more from The Australian

Apple Beats Proview’s Trademark Claim in California

By Ashleigh Allsopp, Macworld-UK A California judge has dismissed Proview’s lawsuit against Apple over the iPad trademark, it has been reported. The Wall Street Journal reports that on May 4, Judge Mark Pierce in the Superior Court of the State of …Find out more from PCWorld

Google, Apple shares better long-term vs Facebook-Barron’s

May 13 (Reuters) – Shares of Google and Apple are probably better long-term bets than Facebook , and investors would do well to skip its highly touted IPO, Barron’s wrote in its May 14 edition. Facebook shares, if priced at $35, would be at a discount …Find out more from Reuters

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Lives Without Broadband

Apple co-founder and generally techish guy Steve Wozniak does not have broadband internet at his home in Los Gatos, California. “I, Steve Wozniak, don’t have broadband at my home,” he told a business forum in Perth, Australia, according to out more from Forbes

Apple iPad Mini With 7-Inch Screen Debuts in October: Report

Another day, another rumor about the 7-inch Apple “iPad Mini,” this time from the Mac blog iMore, which quotes unnamed sources as saying Apple is going to release the device in October, at an ultra-low price point somewhere between $200-$250.Find out more from eWeek

Apple forced to change name of iPad Wi-Fi + 4G

However, in Australia and other countries, many have been upset for some time now that Apple’s iPad Wi-Fi version was called “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.” Their complaints were naturally complicated and technical, but boiled down to this: It isn’t.Find out more from CNET

Apple rebrands iPad 4G after LTE furore

Apple has quietly rebranded its new iPad WiFi + 4G in response to continued pressure from regulators concerned that buyers were being misled over the data speeds the third-gen tablet could achieve. The tablet, now know as the new iPad WiFi + Cellular, …Find out more from SlashGear

Loewe denies rumors of Apple acquisition

By AppleInsider Staff German HDTV maker Loewe AG has denied that it is in talks with Apple about a potential $113 million buyout of the company. The company issued a statement (via Google Translate) to German website Heise on Sunday, …Find out more from Apple Insider

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