Apple, Microsoft to duel in ’12 with OS upgrades

By Gregg Keizer Computerworld – This year is shaping up as a repeat of 2009, when Microsoft and Apple last faced off with rival operating system upgrades, analysts said today. Three years ago, Microsoft rolled out Windows 7, it’s last operating system …Find out more from Computerworld

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New Apple Operating System Aims to Knit Together Its Products

With the next version of Apple’s OS X operating system for its Mac computers, the company has one clear message: If you’re going to buy one Apple product, you might as well keep buying more. Apple released a preview on Thursday of the software, …Find out more from New York Times

Apple to Bring iPhone, iPad Features to Mac

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook wants to make its Mac more like an iPhone. CEO Tim Cook said the next version of Apple’s Macintosh OS, “Mountain Lion,” due in late summer, would incorporate features from the software that powers Apple’s hit mobile …Find out more from Wall Street Journal

What’s left for Apple’s OS X to grab from iOS?

by Josh Lowensohn February 16, 2012 1:00 PM PST Follow @Josh Apple’s new version of OS X, dubbed Mountain Lion, brings a number of features over from iOS, but a few big ones have yet to make the trip. Apple’s upcoming Mountain Lion software update for …Find out more from CNET (blog)

Patents: Apple wins over Motorola in ‘slide-to-unlock’ ruling

Apple has won a patent dispute against Motorola Mobility regarding a “slide-to-unlock” feature on smartphones. The judgement marks Apple’s first patent victory over Motorola in any part of the world. Patent consultant Florian Mueller said the ruling …Find out more from BBC News

Apple’s Tim Cook Details New Mac OS Features

By Jessica E. Vascellaro Apple Thursday started to give developers access to a new version of its Mac OS X operating system, called Mountain Lion. (Apple loves the felines; “Lion” was its last OS X release.) The company’s chief executive Tim Cook …Find out more from Wall Street Journal (blog)

Security experts: Apple did Mac OS X Gatekeeper right

Many people complain about Apple controlling what apps can run on the iPhone, but with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the company has struck the right balance between security and freedom, experts say. “Users can opt to turn this off and allow any software to …Find out more from CNET

Apple unveils new Mac OS X Mountain Lion

By Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY When Apple launched Mac OS X Lion last July, it brought the Macintosh operating system ever closer to the experience folks had gotten accustomed to on the iPad and iPhone. Now, just seven months later, Apple today unveils …Find out more from USA TODAY

Chinese Officials Can Gloat Over Apple’s IPad Woes

By Bruce Einhorn Chinese officials might just be enjoying Apple’s current legal woes. Apple is fighting for the rights to the iPad name in the country, squaring off against a local maker of computer displays that claims ownership of the iPad trademark.Find out more from BusinessWeek

Nothing permanent about Apple’s ban on Motorola

by Roger Cheng February 16, 2012 11:06 AM PST Follow @RogerWCheng Apple scores a key victory against Motorola in Germany. But history tells us the win will be short-lived as the back-and-forth battle continues. Will Motorola Mobility’s smartphones get …Find out more from CNET

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Apple’s Mountain Lion Makes the Mac More Like the iPad – NYTimes …

Apple’s Mountain Lion operating system software for the Mac brings even more of the iPhone/iPad features to the Mac. The juiciest payoff here is the suite of Mac apps that now mimic what’s on the iPhone/iPad. Through your free iCloud …More By By DAVID POGUE

Apple Officially Drops ‘Mac’ Name from OS X Mountain Lion – Mac …

With the launch of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in the middle of last year, Apple was clearly trending towards dropping the ‘Mac’ From ‘Mac OS…More By Jordan Golson

Apple Mountain Lion: Why No Facebook?

Mountain Lion is full of connections with the online world, but one very big name is once again missing: Facebook.More By Stan Schroeder

Apple granted injunction in German patent suit, Motorola phones …

Apple scored a huge victory today in Munich’s Regional Court where Judge Dr. Peter Guntz found Motorola’s implementation of slide-to-unlock on smartphones.More By Joseph Volpe

FOSS Patents: Apple wins German injunction against most of …

I just returned from the Munich I Regional Court, where Presiding Judge Dr. Peter Guntz publicly announced a decision in Apple’s favor: most of Motorola Mobility’s products were found to infringe on Apple’s slide-to-unlock image patent, …More By Florian Mueller

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Apple – OS X Mountain Lion. Even more innovation comes to the Mac.

With all-new features inspired by iPad, OS X Mountain makes the Mac better than ever.Read more here.