Apple Faces Proview Lawsuit in US Court

Apple’s battles over the “iPad” trademark with Chinese firm Proview escalated to a new level with the latter’s California lawsuit. Apple is being sued in the Superior Court of the State of California in Santa Clara County by Proview Electronics Co.Find out more from eWeek

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Apple buys search start-up Chomp for about $50 million

24 (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc., the world’s most valuable company, acquired San Francisco-based Chomp Inc., which helps users sort through the widening array of software applications for mobile devices. The Cupertino, California-based company paid about …Find out more from Washington Post

Apple forced to suspend push email service in Germany

Apple has been forced to stop push email for iCloud and MobileMe users on iOS devices while they are in Germany. Push email allows users to see their messages on their devices automatically as soon as they are delivered. However, the ability to receive …Find out more from BBC News

Nearing 25 Billion Downloads, Apple Buys Chomp to Get Out of Its Tr-App-ic Jam

Apple’s App Store is a victim of its own success. Clocking more than 550000 apps and approaching an astounding 25 billion apps downloaded, the iOS marketplace is suffering from a lack of surface area. Simply put, “app discovery” in the App Store is a …Find out more from Forbes

Key post-Jobs Apple numbers

Jobs, who died October last year, would have had lots to be happy about had he surveyed Apple’s financials this weekend. But along with record stock price, profits and cash pile, Jobs would have also noticed a couple of things that would have made him …Find out more from Economic Times

Apple tactics in China iPad deal unusual, say experts

Proview Electronics, the firm trying to stop Apple Inc from using the iPad name in China, has a plausible claim over the unusual methods Apple used to conceal its identity, when attempting to acquire Proview’s trademarks, according to several legal …Find out more from NDTV

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Apple Buys Chomp to Improve App Search – Search Engine Watch …

Apple, which now boasts more than 500000 apps in its App Store, is aiming to improve search and discovery features. In a deal rumored to be worth $50 million, Apple has acquired start-up Chomp to revamp App Store search and …More By V3

Apple iBooks Copy Protection Cracked for First Time – Mac Rumors

The Digital Reader points to reports that Apple’s iBooks Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy protection has been cracked for the first time:…More By Arnold Kim

JP Morgan: Apple is a sector unto itself | TUAW – The Unofficial …

JP Morgan’s hardware analyst Mark Moskowitz has laid bare exactly how huge Apple has become lately, calling the company an actual “sector,” not just a.More By Mike Schramm

Apple and those LOL numbers – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech

What Stewart was really trying to say in an otherwise admirable article about Apple’s astonishing record of growth since it reinvented the mobile phone in 2007, is that it’s easier for a small company to double in size than a large one.More By Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Apple’s FairPlay DRM for iBooks cracked by Requiem app | The Verge

Apple dropped its FairPlay DRM system for music back in 2009, but the remaining segments of the iTunes ecosystem — apps, videos, and iBooks — still utilize versions of the copy-protection…More By Bryan Bishop