Apple and the risks of trading 29000 times per second

Apple’s shares briefly fell by more than $55 per share. BATS, which had been trading for more than $15, fell to less than 4 cents. NASDAQ quickly erased all those trades and BATS was allowed to cancel its IPO. The official explanation for what happened …Find out more from CNNMoney

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Ex Apple engineer disses firm’s post-Steve Jobs design sense

A former UI designer for Apple TV takes to Twitter to diss the new home page for the set-top box and says there’s no quality control since Jobs died. by Charles Cooper March 24, 2012 9:47 AM PDT Follow @coopeydoop Steve Jobs wouldn’t have cared much …Find out more from CNET

Windows 8 Tablets: Just as Crisp as the iPad’s Retina?

By Tim Greene, NetworkWorld Windows 8 specs include displays that are even sharper than Apple’s fabled Retina display, which Apple claims is as clear as the human eye is capable of seeing. Microsoft’s newest operating system supports a 10.1-inch tablet …Find out more from PCWorld

Third-generation Apple iPad review [Video]

Before the new iPad, the iPad 2 was our top choice among tablets, and since Apple’s iPad first arrived in 2010, the product line has defined what a modern tablet should be — a full multi-touch display up front, speedy performance, tablet-specific apps …Find out more from Los Angeles Times

Apple Loses First Appeal in Italian Warranty Case

By Philip Willan, IDG News A Rome court has upheld a €900000 (US$1.2 million) fine imposed on Apple last December by Italy’s Antitrust Authority for circumventing consumer protection laws, Italian media reported Friday.Find out more from PCWorld

20 Great Retina-Ready New Apple iPad Apps

By Sascha Segan Apple’s new iPad ($499-829, 4.5 stars) has the highest-resolution screen we’ve ever seen on a tablet. And while all the existing iPad apps run just fine, apps with graphics designed for the new Retina display look especially spectacular …Find out more from PC Magazine

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Steve Jobs wouldn’t have cared much for the recent software redesign Apple rolled out to its Apple TV set-top box, according to a former engineer who once worked on the product. Michael Margolis, listed on his LinkedIn profile as having worked as a …Find out more from CNET (blog)

Hot Apple Topic!Unlock and Jailbreak For iPhone 4/4S,3G iOS 5.1 Untethered …

By gari888 Great news for many iPhone enthusiasts, Apple Unlocker have released the newest iPhone unlock and untethered jailbreak method capable of unlocking the newest iPhone 4 And 4S ios 5 5.1. It is offered to download now at Apple Unlocker DOT COM.Find out more from

Apple to pay $1.2M for misleading customers in Italy

Apple owes $1.2 million to Italian consumers after losing an appeal in the country’s court today, accused of misleading customers into unnecessarily buying its AppleCare service. AppleCare is Apple’s warranty program, which extends a product’s …Find out more from Washington Post

Next frontier for Apple retina displays could be MacBooks

By Sean Portnoy | March 24, 2012, 2:45pm PDT Summary: Having conquered the iPhone and iPad, Apple’s retina display technology could be looking for new screens to brighten, with new MacBooks the likeliest recipients of the extra pixel density.Find out more from ZDNet (blog)

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Former Apple TV Engineer Claims New Apple TV Interface …

Macgasm notes an interesting tweet by former Apple TV engineer Michael Margolis who claims that the new Apple TV interface designs were “tossed…More By Arnold Kim

Apple updates iTunes Movie Trailers app to work with the Retina …

Apple released an iTunes Movie Trailers app last year, so you could watch movie trailers from iTunes directly on your iPad, and that app has just been.More By Mike Schramm

Former Apple TV Engineer: New Apple TV UI is actually one Steve …

Former Apple TV UI designer and “Professional Hobbyist, AppleTV” Michael Margolis went vocal on Twitter (via Reddit) about the new Apple TV redesign last night. He says that Steve Jobs himself tossed out the new designs 5 years ago.More By Seth Weintraub

New Apple TV UI Was Rejected By Steve Jobs Five Years Ago, Says …

Michael Margolis, a former Apple software engineer who worked on the Apple TV and “implemented much of the AppleTV 2.0 UI years ago” claims that its recently unveiled new UI isn’t so new.More By Andrew Liszewski

Regarding Apple’s Edge and the new Apple TV Interface

Alongside a hardware update that supports 1080p playback, the new Apple TV introduced a brand new grid-like interface that draws upon influences from iOS. Where previous Apple TV interfaces were more or less clickwheel-iPod inspired, …More By Cody Fink